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“RT @Impact80summit: Absolutely @DesocioMichele: family of #caregivers should host the holidays to give respite #nurseup”

“RT @Impact80summit: Probably late but always interested in new resources for caregivers, sandwich generation families @HealthyNaL: @CareGround #Nurseup”

“RT @HealthyNaL: T2 #Elder #Caring is a family affair. For balance there are many helping hands. #caregivers #Nurseup”

“RT @louisianagirl91: Q1: During and after an LC diagnosis, what information do patients and their families want or need most? #lcsm”

“RT @giasison: @nursefriendly @DeathwDignity @MeredithGould Great point. Case to case but best if family is prepared #DWDchat”

“RT @giasison: @nursefriendly I find this very applicable in most situations. We're challenged to help family go past denial @MeredithGould #DWDchat”

“RT @DeathwDignity: I think there may be some similarities whether a person's prepped family abt #eol wishes or not addressed them prior to diagnosis. #DWDchat”

“RT @giasison: @DeathwDignity How and when to prepare the pt and family on #eol issues? Any approach? @MeredithGould #DWDchat”

“RT @giasison: Tonight's chat is timely for our last topic for this year- How do you prepare the immediate family/patient for #eol talks? #DWDchat”

“RT @HealthyNaL: @kpedmonds @nursefriendly @GraniteDoc So true-often puts family and patient at peace once they know #palliative vs #hospice #hpm”

“RT @GraniteDoc: I'd like to see all #hpm programs collecting data on sx mgmt, pt/family satisfaction with decision making, spiritual support #hpm”

“Closing Thoughts: Tell a friend, a family member about something you found on #SocialMedia that was #TotallyAwesome! #hcldr”

“RT @MSW_Ds: It was sheer luck. My family and I had resources so I could work full-time on this… #CPHC @GailZahtz @MSW_Ds

“RT @GailZahtz: So many advoacies have been started by one person/family like you did @MSW_Ds while others don't- what made it a mission for you? #CPHC”

“T3 We need to #Empower #Patients, #Families, #Caregivers to help themselves, navigate the #healthcare system. #nurseup”

“RT @NatriceR: @HealthyNaL #nurseup a1 trying to get respite for family #caregivers is a huge one, reliable responsible relief”

“RT @PranaAlberta: @NatriceR @nursefriendly @DesocioMichele Do you find that your family has always looked to you to be "the strong one" ?”

“RT @NurseThoughts: I'm sorry but I don't let patients, family members, staff or colleagues use MY pen. #buyyourown #nursethoughts”

“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @HealthyNaL #nurseup I know it's stressful to have a family member need skilled help, plus work in the field T1”

“RT @NatriceR: @HealthyNaL @nursefriendly #Nurseup similar story for many I worked as a personal support worker in #ltc & also helped care 4 family member”

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