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“RT @TheGypsyNurse: @nursefriendly I'm excited to share the new group! We're building a great community for the #travelnurse #nurseup”

“RT @Med_writer: @toughLoveforx @MyPelvicPain @GailZahtz Writing to heal groups in hospitals #cancer #recovery #cphc”

“RT @Med_writer: @GailZahtz @AutoimmuneGal @NatriceR @MyPelvicPain I thanked AutoimmuneGal for sugg on finding one person for support in online group

“RT @CareGround: I personally just joined the FB caregiver group, thank you for extending the invite. :) #nurseup”

“RT @CareGround: @DesocioMichele @memeory We are on facebook, would you invite us to your group please? #nurseup”

“RT @DesocioMichele: @CareGround I agree chats and support groups are an escape for #caregivers #nurseup”

“RT @DesocioMichele: we break up visits in small groups at different times for less confusion #nurseup”

“RT @DawnMGibson: @nursefriendly Here's the closed #SpoonieChat group: We interpret #Spoonie in a broad and open manner.”

“RT @DawnMGibson: @nursefriendly #SpoonieChat is Wednesday from 9-11PM EST. It resets @ 10 w/ a second group. #BlerdChat is Thursday @ 7PM EST.”

“T3 We each have different definitions of what is #Acceptable or not, reach a consensus, then have group abide by it. #hcldr”

“RT @RustyHoe: @DawnMGibson @nursefriendly Recruitment for various studies already occurring in #POTS and #Dysautonomia SoMe groups #HCLDR”

“RT @ElinSilveous: @DawnMGibson @nursefriendly #PCORI announced yesterday they will create advisory group for #RareDisease research. #HCLDR”

“RT @GailZahtz: Is there an association of school nurses? When a group can partner- it means all benefit @toughLoveforx @lalamarwoo @GDSFoundation #CPHC”

“Keep lines of communication open! RT @ckwilde T3: There are hotlines and support groups. How to connect people B4 they need it? #nurseup”

“T3 We need hotlines, support groups run by #doctors #nurses #caregivers, to shave time of the learning curves. #nurseup”

“RT @ElizBlanchardMD: As cancer care becomes more individualized, social media can play a role in bringing groups together #lcsm”

“RT @thecancergeek: T1: Barriers to clinical research - the "wild-type" no identified target group who don't have targeted trial options currently. #lcsm”

“RT @JFreemanDaily: T1: More patients need to learn of clinical trials that might fit their situation. Online groups can facilitate that. #lcsm”

“T1 Have sensed hesitation in many, knowing that one group will be the "control" and not get the experimental drug. #lcsm”

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