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“RT @sesaz: @nursefriendly Overview on health care social media; the good, the bad, the ugly; #hcsm guidelines. What have you found resonates best?”

“RT @KR_Barker: Special edition #medlibs chat @ 2PM ET today on FDA's new draft guidelines for #socialmedia : Hosted by @pfanderson

“RT @minervies: T1b. Guidelines exist & yes, society often sets acceptable limits. Fine line between progress & unacceptable risks #bioethx”

“RT @ZackBergerMDPhD: T1 Around uncertainty there is a lot of "the guidelines say" & "the recommendations are" but these r only as good as evidence base #bioethx”

“RT @anetto: @endocrine_witch Interested to lurk but don't know health apps though did download symptom management guidelines for cancer care #healthxph”

“T3 #LeadByExample, set guidelines and #BestPractices for others to model their own after. #hcldr”

“RT @DrBillSchmitz: @Nedra There are the "general" media guidelines regarding suicide , how will this need to be adapted for SM? #spsm”

“RT @Nedra: So I'm putting together a set of guidelines for safe and effective messaging on mental health/suicide prevention on social media. #spsm”

“RT @Nedra: I've realized we need similar guidelines for talking about mental health/suicide on social media. There are special considerations. #spsm”

“RT @SPSMChat: @Nedra What made you decide to create a set of #socialmedia guidelines for #suicide #prevention? #SPSM”

“RT @DrBillSchmitz: Good evening to all the #spsm chatters. Great stuff tonight expected from @Nedra re: SoMe guidelines! #suicideprevention”

“RT @ursulawhiteside: @SPSMChat @pfanderson Are we discussing formalizing a standardized and thoughtful response to #suicide and #suicidality? or #SPSM guidelines

“RT @hhampson: @nursefriendly @CSlaterMD @healthystartups There are already some great, recognised guidelines (ie, Mayo Clinic) for #hcsm in place.”

“RT @CSlaterMD: @healthystartups @nursefriendly #hcsm I think its more than ROI, its also fear of liability and lack of guidelines that makes folks shy”

“RT @nSisters4Life: As health care providers we must be aware of managed care rules, regulations and guidelines n order to help our patients.”

“Not necessarily. RT @ABHuret: @crgonzalez Not having SoMe guidelines is a sure path to HIPAA violations and other unwanted publicity #hcsm”

“Hmmm. RT @crgonzalez: One of my favorite social media guidelines is by Vanderbilt Univ. which is written in easy-to-understand lingo #hcsm”

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