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“RT @JaNursing: @YinkaVidal @nursefriendly @MeadowGood @ElinSilveous hc will always need mentors and teachers if you ❤️ your art you will draw well #hcldr

“RT @YinkaVidal: @JaNursing @nursefriendly @MeadowGood @ElinSilveous #hcldr Hi Michelle! Nice to see you. Have you any Ebola patient yet in Canada?”

“RT @YinkaVidal: @nursefriendly @MeadowGood @ElinSilveous #hcldr If a professor doesn't know, he goes do a research and come back to educate students.”

“RT @YinkaVidal: @nursefriendly @MeadowGood @ElinSilveous #hcldr Have learned a lot from my students. They also have very high expectations from the teacher.”

“RT @YinkaVidal: @MeadowGood @nursefriendly @ElinSilveous #hcldr As a teacher, will give best answer & will get back with you. Hate to disappoint students”

“RT @JoeBabaian: @nursefriendly @BrainsNeedSleep That's key - being the professional, educated filter that makes us all advocates - docs, nurses, pros #hcldr

“RT @MeadowGood: When true, that is the best thing to say. @nursefriendly: @ElinSilveous T4 MT One of the most difficult thing to say is I don't know. #hcldr

“RT @YinkaVidal: @MeadowGood @nursefriendly @ElinSilveous #hcldr And the patient will give you that look. Got to be kidding!”

“RT @pfanderson: @BrainsNeedSleep @JoeBabaian @jchevinsky I know of docs who were told they'd be fired if they told patients non-surgical options. #hcldr

“#HCLDR - Navigating #Patient Choices in Healthcare, What Is Our Role? Social Media Transcript #nurseup”

“RT @JoeBabaian: @BrainsNeedSleep Deep & useful resource banks - online, paper, via advocates, nursing, you name it. Agree. #hcldr cc @nursefriendly

“RT @ElinSilveous: T4. And understand that it's OK to say to patient(s) "I/we don't know" when there is insufficient info re options/outcomes. #HCLDR

“RT @BrainsNeedSleep: @nxtstop1 @hcldr T4: give new pts an overview of their medical issue -- have handout with definitions, links to reputable sites etc #hcldr

“RT @RaysNurseK: @hcldr T4 empower the patient - mutual trust - supportive of health care literacy - empathy - compassion - patience #hcldr

“RT @Med_writer: @hcldr Offer info, ask for preferences, connect to pts personally, risks&benefits, guidance, and encourage dialogue #hcldr

“T4 it behooves us to empower our #patients, their families as much as possible in playing an active role in their care. #hcldr

“RT @jchevinsky: T3 Hard to communicate in context of uncertainty- this therapy may or may not make you better, and has some chance of making it worse #hcldr

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