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“RT @JeamesSailor: @nursefriendly @jchevinsky @ursulawhiteside @pfanderson @Colin_Hung Disagreement is Goid. Leads to alternative views #hcldr #spsm”

“RT @CanAm_Phil: The leader of the health care team is the patient. #hcldr" YES, another example of, not so common, common sense! #doctor #CanAm”

“RT @JoeBabaian: @nursefriendly We put the pride aside & see the Pts as people, true agents of their own path (or caregiver). #hcldr

“#HCLDR - A #Patient's Right To Refuse Treatment, Healthcare Social Media Transcript #nurseup”

“RT @hcldr: T3 What ideas do you have for eliminating the stigmas around seeking medical help for any condition? #hcldr

“RT @StorkBrian: @UrologicMD
T1 Growing Up on a Farm in Iowa,
There Was Never Anything Manly About Going to the Doctor
Fortunately, Times R Changing

“T2 In the end, as healthcare professionals we have to respect their wishes, to get treated or not. . #hcldr

“RT @pamressler: T2 It is difficult when the patient's choice may not align with what we would choose -- but is it any less valid? #hcldr

“RT @jchevinsky: T2 Depends how urgent; at some point have to trust that people can judge their own best interest #hcldr

“RT @RThwaitesMD: T2 Burning bridges or creating animosity is counterproductive. The balance is to push while openly respecting their autonomy. #hcldr

“RT @nxtstop1: T2 Trust helps but does not seal the deal necessarily.Key 2 note:patient will B making their choice 4 treatment so need to want help

“RT @LAlupusLady: T2 sharing is caring but the choice is up to the patient. Would not nudge to the point of shoving someone to the Dr. #hcldr

“RT @RasuShrestha: T2 It is imp to make complete info and choices available to patients, and allow for informed decisions! @TimAllenMDJD @giasison #hcldr

“RT @JackWestMD: T2: If someone has right to treatment, they also have right to not pursue treatment. #hcldr

“RT @CancerGeek: T2: We can provide information, however each person has their own "truth" & as HCP's we need to find our own way to cope/accept #hcldr

“RT @choo_ek: T1 T2 Autonomy is a precious right. Will encourage, provide info, address barriers ($, stigma, etc) but preserve autonomy #hcldr

“RT @RevAmyZ: T1 sometimes healthcare has to come to where people are, like the recent news about clinics in Wal-mart. Thought of @CancerGeek #hcldr

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