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“#HCLDR - #Patient Focused Conferences, How to Facilitate Participation? Healthcare Social Media Transcript #nurseup”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @nursefriendly @hcldr Many pts & advocates R unaware of scholarships to attend mtgs & learn. HC systems could assist. #CBOs #CBPR #hcldr

“RT @JoeBabaian: T4: As @nursefriendly mentioned, virtual confs are a great choice when connected to stakeholders with Pt input & great access #hcldr

“RT @YinkaVidal: @sfuldnasso @nursefriendly #hcldr Walking in somebody's shoes in a medical psycho-drama can be very enlightening - doctors become patients”

“RT @sfuldnasso: @nursefriendly And even more sadly, the doc knew he was being filmed, so theoretically was putting his best foot forward. #hcldr

“RT @hcldr: T4 Think outside the box: Is there an alternative to an in-person conf that would allow more patient participation? #hcldr

“RT @DPT2Go: T3 Include pts by teaching them how to advocate for themselves & communicate w/their doctor & vice versa


“RT @Strangely_T1: Attend a conference virtually for free? Over a weekend, probably... during the week? probably not #hcldr

“RT @JoeBabaian: T3: As mentioned before, avoid silos and use care team approach to discussions, breakouts and more #hcldr

“RT @cartooninperson: @dz45tr T3: Good reminder. Some people flare or are cancer survivors, etc. Their testimony & insight just as valuable. #HCLDR

“RT @sfuldnasso: t idea. Clinical role play would be excellent. I've seen some videos of doctor-patient communications that are very sad. #hcldr

“RT @hcldr: T3 What ideas do you have for conference organizers to make their in-person events more patient friendly? (Covered some already) #hcldr

“RT @PerronServices: T1: There are annual conferences designed for patient groups, such as the Adult Congenital Heart Association @ACHA_Heart #hcldr

“RT @pfanderson: @JBBC It's important to me. I try to watch #medx every year, along with #TEDMED This year I can't do both, & missed #TXFM :( #hcldr

“RT @JBBC: @Colin_Hung @pfanderson #medx dedicated room for patient attendees to have lunch..avoid lunch lines and have place to eat in comfort #hcldr

“RT @RThwaitesMD: T2 Accessibility is another important barrier: how much scheduling & planning will it take for patients to participate? #hcldr

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