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“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @cginpvd @TiffanyAndLupus very true Andrew! Great connections, fascinating topics opportunities to learn & grow as pt or hcp

“RT @endocrine_witch: Agree, it's patient's story after all. But what about the HCP taking care of the patient? @carenovatemag @hjluks @nursefriendly #HealthXPh”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @SPSMChat A1. #SoMe can be effective at advancing info about suicide prevention to marginalized groups.HCP need cultural educ #spsm”

“RT @jchevinsky: @twirlandswirl yea... I think completely possible to have a nice, empathetic yet incompetent HCP - can't say any better #hcsm”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @nursefriendly @HealthSocMed A1. I tend to believe PTs base outcomes on info shared by HCP. Laypersons not interested in criteria. #hcsm”

“RT @alyand18: T1 even before how HCPs make them feel emotional, patients may choose doc based on how trustworthy, honest, kind they look #hcsm”

“RT @marksalke: @nursefriendly @HealthSocMed And how a HCP made them feel? By def'n, subjective, #hcsm”

“RT @HealthSocMed: TOPIC 1 - Recent study shows pts care more about personality, relationship than outcomes in assessing HCP. Agree/disagree? Why/not? #hcsm”

“RT @CancerGeek: T2: We can provide information, however each person has their own "truth" & as HCP's we need to find our own way to cope/accept #hcldr”

“RT @MedPipeline: @NatriceR @MHSMchat Agreed; I am too late, but just to say it's hit many of us HCP really hard #nurseup #PharmD #robinwilliams #manytears”

“RT @twirlandswirl: T3 As a pt, I wouldn't say I necessarily need to KNOW, but that the HCP should know their own limits and not harm ME as a result. #bioethx”

“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @DiverseAlz indeed - grateful for All First Responders and Front Line #hcp #nurseup”

“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @Nursiverse #nurseup I guess front line #hcp are always trying to be one step ahead of changing situations”

“RT @HealthSocMed: TOPIC 3 - Do HCPs have concerns about sharing med. records w/ pts? Why? What can be done by pts & HCPs alike to facilitate sharing? #hcsm”

“RT @jchevinsky: T3 Think interesting Q... can spend hours searching online for different suicide forums, but what is role of HCP when leave office? #bioethx”

“RT @jchevinsky: @nursefriendly makes me think of how many HCPs don't have living wills/advanced directives & EOL care #bioethx”

“RT @nxtstop1: @NatriceR T1 Raise a very important & the most common situation I would imagine.The non HCP faced w/family/friend who wants suicide #bioethx”

“RT @HealthSocMed: TOPIC 3 - As a patient, do you fear data sharing? If you're a HCP, do you talk to pts about data sharing? Why/not? #hcsm”

“T1 Participating in #healthcare #tweetchats lets me float ideas, give opinions, network with laypersons & other #HCPs #hcsmca”

“RT @LAlupusLady: T1 Passion for making people well is why most (hopefully) became HCPs, the #HealthIT part should be easy to use. #HCLDR”

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