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“18 #Twitter tips for newbies: @PatBemis @NurseKeith @green_dreamhome @RNLibrarian #NNBA2013 #HCSM #Healthcare #SoMe ”

“RT @RasuShrestha: Social media gifts us the opportunity to directly contact any expert, anytime, with just 140 characters! Powerful! @giasison @CTrappe #hcsm

#hcsm - Healthcare Social Media Transcript

#hcsm - Healthcare Social Media Transcript

#hcsm - Does #SoMe Affect Prescribing Decisions, Patient Choices? Healthcare Social Media Transcript #Nurseup

“RT @marksalke: @nursefriendly @giasison Something like GM's problem today. It should always pay to be transparent. #hcsm

“RT @sacha_bhatia: 2/2 but pharma presence is drastically growing as the value of SoMe as a venue for health convo is being realized, adding insight. #hcsm

“RT @emilykg1: T2- I do think pharma outreach to epatients is prob pretty disease specific. More interested in tapping into certain markets. #hcsm

“RT @giasison: T2 Influence is more impactful when HCPs are more engaged and open instead of promotional messages by pharmas/med devices #hcsm

“RT @sacha_bhatia: 1/2 Pharma industry has been slow to make a presence on SoMe. In '08, only 4% of drug industry advert spending went to online outlets #hcsm

“RT @emilykg1: T2- Absolutely! Pharma is identifying key epatient influencers and trying to get them to be content generators #hcsm

“RT @timbigfish: Those of us who get to be in these chats are still are very small percentage of the greater healthcare population. Let's keep teaching #hcsm

“RT @DorothyCzylyski: 2014 report: Pt requests for drugs spurred by advertising (and no doubt SM) have major impact on prescribing #hcsm

“RT @HealthSocMed: TOPIC 2 - Re: influence of online convos, is blogger/online patient outreach being done by pharma, med device? Impactful/not? Discuss. #hcsm

“RT @anetto: T1 Much discussion of pain in closed groups.Seems many with legitimate needs are refused pain medication/seen as drug seekers #hcsm

“RT @DorothyCzylyski: 58% of physicians go online after pt reports a drug side effect; 57% after a pt requests a specific drug; 51% after a drug is approved #hcsm

“RT @drlfarrell: T1 speaking from my experience;SoMe had significant effect;info from colleagues practicing in similar situations,valuable #hcsm

“RT @healthystartups: agree with @giasison this isn't a zero sum game. SoMe can be a vital addition to Dr/ Pt rel'ship if both open to idea #hcsm

“RT @marksalke: @anetto I think we may be surprised about how far SoMe reaches into all facets of society. #hcsm

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