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“RT @RaquelGoodrich: @SPSMChat The dialogue gets them talking and thinking about mental health: what it means to them, how they can help their friends. #SPSM”

“RT @RaquelGoodrich: @SPSMChat Try it out right now! Text START to 89800. You'll get discussion questions, poling questions. etc. about mental health #SPSM”

“RT @angelawinnick2: #mhstigma mental health issues need b addressed as effect of #dystonia, not as a cause! We need to be free to seek help!”

“RT @JeamesSailor: Is this where we are going in public schools? Suppose a student was hurt. #mhstigma #mentalhealth # fear”

“RT @RNSylarti: @NIMHgov @nursefriendly #mhstigma #dystoniaawareness Chat tonite 9p on the mental health stigma facing dystonia patients. Lookg 4 u there!”

“RT @NeuronautsNow: Twitter Chat Sept 11,9pmET Mental Health Concerns in Dystonia. #nurseup @nursefriendly. Transcripts from 9/8 chat on ”

“RT @ajmahari: #Suicide prevention #phonelines plagued by #delays, #mentalhealth advocates say #mhstigma
-Dangerous lack of funding”

“RT @giasison: @DrBeckerSchutte And to offer appropriate support if needed. Mental health support tops my list~cannot be underestimated #MedPsych”

“Can always approach the #mentalhealth issues that go hand in hand, discuss the #MHStigma ;) #Medpsych”

“We will be discussing #mentalhealth issues with #dystonia Thursday 9/11 on #MHStigma #Nurseup #DystoniaAwareness”

“#SPSM - Virtual #Mentalhealth Community Organizing with @GabyAcosta101! Healthcare Social Media Transcript #nurseup”

“RT @togetherusc: @SPSMChat @GabyAcosta101 we are working on this at @Uofsc including the mental health assessment in primary care #spsm”

“RT @GabyAcosta101: @SPSMChat As such, my job is to build engaging campaigns that help raise #mentalhealth awareness. #SPSM”

“RT @CoachSharlotte: Q2. What are some assessments for mental health or cognitive impairments for geriatric patients? #MHPChat”

“RT @AWhiteWilliams: .@nursefriendly: @HealthyNaL there is evidence of depression among caretakers of elderly with mental health issues. #elderly. #MHPchat”

“RT @CoachSharlotte: Q1. What are common mental health challenges for the elderly/geriatric population? #MHPChat”

“RT @socworkpodcast: @kalebdad Certainly not. The entire mental health profession would cease to exist if providers had to have their client's experiences #spsm”

“RT @melodeeee: @SPSMChat The Warm Line is for and by ppl w/mental health challenges. We provide support, info and empathy since we've "been there." #spsm”

“RT @melodeeee: @SPSMChat Too often folks feel alone or uncomfortable accessing mental health services. We're peers and relate while instilling hope. #spsm”

“RT @CascadiaChat: T1 I love how @samhsagov works to include realistic stories of mental health in traditional media (TV) recent #voiceawards #spsm”

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