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“RT @chemobrainfog: @nursefriendly :) I have to make sure I have my mets friends covered (and my mom)--but mental illness needs strong voices. #mhstigma”

“RT @NAMIMass: @nursefriendly Yes it's definitely important. It's been a hard wk for those that have lost someone due to suicide/mental illness,”

Twitter / giasison: T1 Have you ever hesitated ...

Twitter / giasison: T1 Have you ever hesitated ...

Have you ever hesitated to disclose a mental illness on a job application, to your co-workers? @GiaSisson #mhstigma

“RT @YinkaVidal: #MHStigma T3 Can we openly discuss mental illness in group format instead of behind the doors of psychiatrists? Possible?”

“RT @JMCelio: @nursefriendly understanding #mentalillness = understanding it as an illness, like any other illness #mhstigma”

“RT @twirlandswirl: T3 Definitely normalizing of mental illness. Most effective - but hardest! - step is for those with it to be open examples. #MHStigma”

“RT @pfanderson: @bacigalupe @nursefriendly @HealthScoutBlog Drives me crazy. More we learn, the more "mental illness" turn out 2have physicl cause #mhstigma”

“RT @jchevinsky: Cultural contexts also need to be considered when thinking about mental illness - 'normal' reactions may vary #mhstigma”

“T2 What are common misconceptions people may have about depression, mental illness? #MHStigma”

Why doctors hide their own illnesses

Why doctors hide their own illnesses

RT @bilekpsych: Depressingly real portrayal of mental illness and stigma in professional careers. HT @JeffreyGuterman

“RT @CoachSharlotte: Q4. What support can we give the #men in our lives who may have mental illness? #MHPChat”

“RT @CoachSharlotte: Q2. How can we reduce the stigma men feel when diagnosed with a mental illness? #MHPChat”

“RT @jchevinsky: @nursefriendly @twirlandswirl Even term mental illness->stigma, instead of 'mental variation' not sure how much=illness &how much=difference”

“RT @theyoganurse: #bioethx curious how many here have family with #mentalillness? My mom, aunt, grandmother & son to name a few. Me? I'm so called 'normal.'”

“RT @petradMD: @jchevinsky @nursefriendly I think that pop psychology has done a lot of detriment to clarity in understanding mental illness #bioethx”

“RT @jchevinsky: T1 IMO also feelings that if diagnosed with mental illness, then physical symptoms might be ignored or written off #bioethx”

“RT @nxtstop1: Thx 2 you all,&to Jen,Gia & Andrew- 4 desire to tackle Stigma in Mental Illness.All R human w/our foibles/our struggles>compassion~ #bioethx”

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RT @BioethxChat: NAMI: Facts about Stigma and Mental Illness in Diverse Communities


“RT @jchevinsky: T2 It seems to me that the more debilitating the mental illness, generally the more stigmatized it is #bioethx”

“RT @Katiissick: t1 Mental illness diagnosis means less ins coverage. This is a stigma and hinders proper diagnosis and tx #bioethx”

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