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“Asking For The Check, Why Do Nurses As Entrepreneurs Hesitate? @CoutureHealth @Mpodlesni #NNBA2014 #Nurseup  ”

Nurses, are you "hooked" on #Adrenalin, thrive on chaos? Check out #LaborPains a medical drama @thenursesnurse

“Are You Following The National Nurses in Business Association #NNBA2014? Call for more information: 1-877-353-8888 ”

Nurses, Ever ask yourself "Why did I #volunteer" to work extra on my day off when they were short? @thenursesnurse

Nurses, do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, like they are asking WAY too much of you? They may be. @thenursesnurse

Nurses, do you feel overworked, underappreciated at work? Discover #LaborPains Rita Batchley, RN, BSN @thenursesnurse

“Confident Voices: The Nurses Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces ”

Nurses and students especially will enjoy the birthing stories while connecting with Paige @thenursesnurse

Nurse Batchley @thenursesnurse, #Author of "Labor Pains" has helped to deliver more than 3,000 #babies. #nurseup ”

“What do #nurses need to learn to become a #health #coach? Brenda Sammy, MSN RN #SkinnyNurses #Nurseup ”

“What specific qualities and traits do you feel make nurses especially qualified to operate a business? #nnba2014 ”

“Money back guaranteed. Every #bedside #nurse will ID with my book #LaborPains. Rita Batchley, RN @thenursesnurse

“Problems that contribute to medical errors are, presence of unfavorable working conditions for nurses @Med_Writer

“Lead character, Labor and Delivery nurse, Paige O’Neill is a memorable heroine and one many nurses will connect with. ”

“As a Nurse Leader, it is especially important to know yourself. @MasterWellBeing #Nurseup ”

“The #obesity crisis needs all of us. Love when nurses help nurses. #skinnynurses #Nurseup #NursesToFollow ”

“What Attracted You To The Field of Nursing? @nursekeith @maureensrn #nnba2014 #nurses #nurseup #hcsm ”

“#Nurses 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse. This program may actually change your life. @theyoganurse #nurseup

“#LaborPains accurately covers the impact of a corporate takeover of a small community hospital, how nurses push back ”

“Labor Pains: The Birth Stories of Nurse O'Neill, takes its audience on a road trip of a lifetime. @thenursesnurse

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