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“A money back guarantee, every bedside #nurse will ID with my book #LaborPains Rita Batchley, RN @thenursesnurse

Nurses Build Your Emotional Intelligence and Decrease Your Stress: ”

“A labor and delivery #nurse brings babies into the world for a living but can't seem to have another of her own. ”

Nurse Leaders: Learn how to set your standards higher by being respected rather than just liked! #Nurseup ”

“One of my goals is to have nurses UNITE to reach a healthy BMI Brenda Sammy MSN RN #SkinnyNurses #nurseup ”

Nurse Leaders: Aim to be Respected Rather Than Simply Liked: @masterwellbeing #Nurseup #BeyondBurnout ”

“Looking for #babyboomer #nurses wanting to get healthy in a hurry. Brenda Sammy RN #SkinnyNurses #Nurseup ”

“When will nurses say "Enough!"? It takes contrary action to change the status quo. - Rita Batchley @thenursesnurse

“When Rita’s father was dying-his nurse called her from a hospital 3,000 miles away, to let them speak one last time ”

“"Just last week, I noticed a new group posted in facebook for nurses who worry." @MasterWellBeing #Nurseup ”

“We don't become nurses to get wealthy but to enrich lives. What Attracted You to Nursing? @thenursesnurse #Nurseup ”

“Compassion for others, ourselves is a great New Year's resolution. Sad we need to remind #nurses! #SkinnyNurses ”

“Since graduating from nursing school over 25 years ago, Nurse Batchley has helped to deliver more than 3,000 babies. ”

“Being a #nurse for 37 years, I hold #nurses in a special place in my heart. Brenda Sammy, MSN RN #SkinnyNurses ”

“What conclusion does the #doctor/#nurse come to about effectiveness of the pain medication? @Med_Writer #Nurseup ”

“Ride along as Paige O'Neill RN, a labor and delivery nurse brings babies into the world for a living @thenursesnurse

“Confident Voices: The Nurses Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces ”

Nurses, are you "hooked" on #Adrenalin, thrive on chaos? Check out #LaborPains a medical drama @thenursesnurse

Nurses, Ever ask yourself "Why did I #volunteer" to work extra on my day off when they were short? @thenursesnurse

“What do #nurses need to learn to become a #health #coach? Brenda Sammy, MSN RN @SkinnyNurses #Nurseup ”

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