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“She went to the Board of Nursing and was successful at getting a statement from them which impacted patient safety ”

“#Patients Rarely Told About #MedicationErrors, new study finds, Martine Ehrenclou, M.A. @Med_Writer #nurseup ”

“#Patients Rarely Told About #MedicationErrors, new study finds, Martine Ehrenclou, M.A. @Med_Writer #nurseup ”

“"Patients need education about their role in care." Martine Ehrenclou, @Med_Writer @kevinmd

Patient with #RareDisease Finds Lifesaving Treatment: #HMO unwilling to pay. Martine Ehrenclou, @med_writer #nurseup ”

Patient Engagement: Are patients able to be active participants in care? Martine Ehrenclou, @Med_Writer #Nurseup ”

“"patients are encouraged to engage in care, keep track of their medical data, seek preventive care." @Med_Writer

“Part of being a take-charge patient is preparing ahead of time, becoming informed @med_writer #nurseup ”

“Or if a #painmedication isn’t administered and the #patient has breakthrough #pain @Med_Writer #Nurseup #Healthcare ”

“Older Patients Need Geriatric Emergency Departments, Martine Ehrenclou, @Med_writer #nurseup ”

“Older Patients Discharged From the Hospital: 10 tips to prevent readmission. Martine Ehrenclou, @med_writer: ”

““It would be premature for patients, their families to be concerned about their findings.” @Med_Writer #Nurseup ”

“What inspired me to write The Take-Charge Patient? @Med_Writer via Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD @MasterWellBeing

““Most #medication mistakes did not harm #patients, the researchers found." @med_writer #nurseup ”

“More Than 1,000 Preventable Deaths a Day is Too Many: The Need to Improve Patient Safety @Med_Writer #HealthcareHarm ”

“The Take Charge Patient by Martine Ehrenclou | Work Play Live Well @masterwellbeing: ”

“#Misdiagnosis–what can patients do? By Martine Ehrenclou, @Med_Writer #nurseup #healthcare #healthcareharm #Epatients ”

“It’s a frightening statistic-400,000 patients die every year due to preventable, medical errors. @Med_Writer #nurseup ”

“Many patients, their families think they are safer in ICU because nurse-to-patient ratios are high @med_writer

““Although it is not our natures, nurses have always had to fight for what’s right for our patients.” Lillian Wald. ”

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