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“Need standards. MT @endocrine_witch: T1 Must check confidentiality, security and privacy of health info entered into medical app #HealthXPh”

“RT @Colin_Hung: T1: @TeamMDrs Seems to be a privacy minefield. Just be saying you're part of a trial via #SoMe - is that already too much info? #HCLDR”

“T2 We can counsel them on risks involved with #Disclosure for #privacy, #employment purposes, but decision is theirs #hcldr”

“RT @coffeemommy: T1: SoMe can get to a larger group of people faster & since many of us patients want to share our data privacy not a big issue @hcldr #hcldr”

“RT @hcldr: T1: Is #SoMe a good platform for clinical trials? What disclosures/privacy considerations should be made? #HCLDR”

“RT @ostrich007: @pfanderson yes, we should be super cautious when working with this community. Their privacy is more important than anything #spsm”

“RT @burgessct: #CPHC open any privacy document on a website and search for the word "SHARE" and you will be amazed at what you are permitting!!!!!”

“RT @burgessct: #CPHC - "Search for Share" will guide individuals how to read privacy and terms of service documents so you know how your info is USED”

“RT @burgessct: Yes indeed they do - much more strict in EU RT @GailZahtz: Do EU and US privacy laws differ so much that it had to be accounted for? #CPHC”

“RT @GailZahtz: For those here, we're already deep into T1 with @burgessct which are what are all the issue for #security #safety #privacy in health #CPHC”

“RT @burgessct: I live in the security, privacy and intelligence world keeping people and entities safe and secure @GailZahtz #CPHC -- let's tweetchat!”

“T1 There are perfectly acceptable reasons for one to wish to remain anonymous. Whistleblowers, Those Protecting their privacy. #hcsm”

“RT @signindoc: #hcsm definition of privacy has not changed - big change is what is available for many to see. Real change is taking care to maintain it!”

“RT @ThePatientsSide: #HCSM SM has definitely changed privacy definitions in HC and everywhere. Seems like HC uses it as an excuse too often though #HCSM”

“RT @FUSEHealthOrg: T2: People seem more willing to trade some privacy for convenience or utility. Look at @patientslikeme. #hcsm”

“RT @ekeeleymoore: T2 - Theres a dire need for transparency in order to collaborate and improve outcomes. Privacy prohibits that. #hcsm”

“RT @docnieder: T2 Privacy is paramount but annoying when it slows down patient care-like being unable to text or email pts. #hcsm”

“RT @danielg280: T2: not sure that it has changed it for me, but I think SM has changed what privacy means 2 an entire generation who've grown up w/ SM #hcsm”

“T2 Privacy is and will continue to be defined by the individual. What you don't want "Out There" you don't put out. Some bare all. #hcsm”

“RT @HealthSocMed: TOPIC 2 - Forget HIPAA (for the moment). As pt or provider, what does privacy mean to you? Has SM changed your definition of privacy? #hcsm”

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