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“"#Consulting/#Coaching out of state?" @RTConnections @Coachperg @NurseKeith @BethBoynton @Bchilds #NNBA2014 #Nurseup

“RT @TheGypsyNurse: @CarmenKosicek @BellaChell @bhawkesRN One state license for the VA facilities as well. #nurseup”

“Nursing Associations, Organizations - National, State #Nursefriendly #Nursing & #Healthcare #Directories ”

“RT @ctsinclair: @CancerGeek Wish there was better regional/state/metro data on #EOL care issues to share with politicians and policy makers. #hpm”

“RT @PracticalWisdom: T2: Physicians. Are there policies or ethics in some hospitals, Countries, etc that state you can't treat family/Pals? #hcldr”

“"Consulting/coaching services out of state?" @RTConnections @Coachperg @NurseKeith @BethBoynton @Bchilds #NNBA2013 ”

“RT @CancerGeek: T1: If I remember correctly, KY has some of the best success, and its more about the state infrastructure rather than the national #hcsm”

“RT @myHealthImpact: @CancerGeek Excellent point & proactive states with #tech integration in the health domain were better prepared . #hcsm”

“RT @CancerGeek: T1: I think it is a state by state problem. States where HIE launched not so much, states that leaned on national govern yes. #hcsm”

Interactive: Prescription Drug Abuse

Interactive: Prescription Drug Abuse

RT @RWJF_PubHealth: How is your state tackling the prescription drug overdose epidemic? Our new app will tell you:

“RT @summerplum: @ColleenGsrcia It's a process. When I discussed my possible terminal state & why everyone should plan ahead reception was positive #dwdchat”

“RT @RNFMRadio: Our guest Karen Apy is also the Past President of the NJ State Association of Legal #Nurse Consultants #rnfmradio”

“She would identify areas of need, interact with State Boards of Nursing and get #nursing programs up and running! #nurseup”

“"Consulting services out of the state?" @RTConnections @NurseKeith @BethBoynton @Bchilds @SageMountainEd #NNBA2013 ”

“RT @aliciabloom: T2- I believe we need to do better educating physicians, RNs & MSWs about advance care planning and related state laws #hpm”

“RT @skipbidder: In my state (OH), ACP forms=impossible to understand, written at postgraduate level. My residents and students can't understand them #hpm”

“"Consulting/coaching services outside of the state?" @RTConnections @Coachperg @BethBoynton @Bchilds #NNBA2013 ”

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