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“RT @DrSelfEsteem: Stigma feeds off lack of knowledge and persists with human interaction. We have the stop the negative cycle and create a new one. #mhstigma”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @dystojunebug @nursefriendly The key to overcoming #stigma is thru expanded education. Especially HCPs. Advocates R key to thus. #mhstigma”

“RT @ajmahari: @dystoniamuse I agree the #shame lies in the #stigma faced and should not be yours at all! #mhstigma”

“RT @YinkaVidal: @ajmahari #mhstigma You mean some behavior modifications and attitude adjustment about stigma?”

“RT @YinkaVidal: #mhstigma Another way to handle stigma is the way I don't look at myself through the eyes of others. I don't carry any mirror. Works better.”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @DrSelfEsteem @nursefriendly To create a community void of stigma would equate to expanding conversation w/ marginalized groups #mhstigma”

“RT @YinkaVidal: @DrSelfEsteem #mhstigma Each person belongs to certain group of social stigma due to physical characteristics, but less worrisome.”

“RT @dystoniamuse: @JeamesSailor @nursefriendly @giasison We must deal w/ stigma inside us & also the stigma imposed by the outside world. #MHStigma #Dystonia”

“RT @DrSelfEsteem: @YinkaVidal Public AND professional education. Just because someone has a degree, doesn't mean they don't have stigmas! #mhstigma”

“RT @YinkaVidal: #mhstigma Better public education should be the key to understanding dystonia to reduce stigma

“RT @DrSelfEsteem: @nursefriendly That is one thing people who are not diagnosed don't understand. Stigmas don't just roll off. It's a day to day struggle”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @dystoniamuse @nursefriendly @giasison Well said. I think stigmas R often misunderstood. We assume it is mental; not physical #mhstigma”

“RT @DrSelfEsteem: Stigma is a multi-faceted and powerful thing that we should not take lightly #mhstigma”

“RT @dystoniamuse: @giasison Thrilled to participate. So much of my blod addresses the stigma I internalized for much of my life. #MHStigma #dystoniaawareness”

“RT @RNSylarti: @NIMHgov @nursefriendly #mhstigma #dystoniaawareness Chat tonite 9p on the mental health stigma facing dystonia patients. Lookg 4 u there!”

“What is Fat Stigma? #bioethx (archive) #obesity #healthcare #tweetchats, ”

“What is Fat Stigma? #bioethx (archive) #obesity #healthcare #tweetchats, ”

“RT @TiffanyAndLupus: @nursefriendly @giasison I would love to address how these issues & stigma affect those living with lupus. Already had this topic planned!”

“RT @JFreemanDaily: Continue to be amazed at # of healthcare providers who think only smokers get #lungcancer. Fighting LC stigma is uphill battle. #LCSM”

“RT @PetraMorey: What I find difficult is eliminating the stigma. I see others have the same struggles. #lcsm @LungCancerFaces

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