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“RT @DocForeman: @AboutSuicide @SPSMChat It should be pointed out that this was assembled in DAYS. The power of SoMe and tech to make a mssg. #spsm”

“RT @nxtstop1: @CTrappe @giasison @nursefriendly @ronibats Start:#bioethx #hcldr #irishmed #meded (#HITsm is tech) #hcsmca See @healthhashtags : 4 all info”

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Ever enter a room and forget why you went there? Too much tech! Time for the #artofnursing

“RT @jchevinsky: T1: Was funny sketch on @TheDailyShow bout tech issues- saying 1st person to sign up took 8hrs. Certainly would b disheartening 4 most #hcsm”

“RT @myHealthImpact: @CancerGeek Excellent point & proactive states with #tech integration in the health domain were better prepared . #hcsm”

“RT @myHealthImpact: Glad to be on and ready to learn. Working in #health, #HIV & other conditions using #tech and #socialmedia #hchlitss”

“RT @ruthcarlosmd: Hi, everyone. Welcome to #JACR tweet chat. Talking about renaming DCIS. Welcome @pfanderson as an informed pt and emerging tech librarian”

RNFMRadio Online Radio by RN FM Radio

RNFMRadio Online Radio by RN FM Radio

RT @RNFMRadio: We're talking #nursing and #tech on #RNFMRADIO at 9p ET tonite! Join us with @TheNerdyNurse!

“RT @DocForeman: I'd lead a MH org integrated w/ primary care. I'd use tech and SoMe to get pts to track Sxs and outcomes in useful ways. #hcsm”

“#NursesToFollow Amy Dixon, @amyrnbsn For #Current #Healthcare #Events #SocialMedia & #Tech #Savvy :) #nurseup #ff”

“RT @jamesian: T1 - at #medx many patient attendees found the #tech panels oriented toward designers. #hcldr could make sure conf. embraces #patients”

“RT @myHealthImpact: #HCSM A1| Trolls create false meaning, mislead & should be avoided. Another distraction in the effort to improve meaningful use of #Tech

“RT @waisunchan: Technology is meant to aid users however with the speed of production of new tech & the vast numbers available users can get confused #HCLDR”

“RT @PtothePatt: @jfclearywisc @RyanMadanickMD @MedPedsDoctor Agree wholeheartedly. E.g. tons of talks on new tech given by industry-sponsored MDs #meded”

“RT @bicmay: @ptothepatt @RichmondDoc not unlike recent Mayo study that showed tech #meded”

“RT @GailZahtz: Yes, we like being 1st to announce new tech & international campaigns at #CPHC so continuing the tradition with @burgessct at 1 ET”

“Glad you stopped by RT @innovativenurse Kevin Ross, RN, Entrepreneur, #RNFMRADIO co-host, tech evangelist, outside of the box advocate #cphc”

“Convenience - unless are tech savvy enough to find, filter :) RT @chemosabe: @nursefriendly but y Andrew, they are freely available! #hpm”

“RT @Colin_Hung: T1: It's so true @Strangely_T1 $$$ wasted on tech is SO AVOIDABLE if you plan well at the beginning cc @Saif_Abed @hhampson #HCLDR”

“HaHa :) RT @Strangely_T1 @Saif_Abed @Colin_Hung @hhampson tech for tech's sake is often also known as a money-pit with P/O'd everyone #hcldr”

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