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Baby moma'S duh RT @Quin_City: Did @ochocinco really just tweet these lil girls and say he available for vaginal activities???!!! Wow!!! 😳”

“Yes baby girl... RT @Jicyraa_Carter: @ochocinco DADDDDDYYYYY 😏”

“These scented "Thai Dragon Fruit" baby wipes are on point though...”

“You love her bruh, it doesn't go away RT @lilduval: @ochocinco I can't text my ex cuz it's my baby momma and she'll believe me”

“Sak pase RT @TheMsBossLady: @ochocinco damn do things to me...grrr”

“Forget the haters it's me and you baby RT @FullBarbieBitch: AW NAW @ochocinco TWEETED MAH ASS..DEM THIRSTY PPL GON BE HATIN IN MAH MENTIONS”

“The O' Jays song "Darlin' Darin' Baby (sweet, tender, love) leaking through the sound system this morning. Great song for 500 + girlfriends”

“I love you petite baby girl RT @TheyLoveMiyah: @ochocinco yes, I am petite honey! And tell your lil groupies to hop up out my mentions . ✌”

Baby girl said from harem pants to leopard loafers...”

Twitter / TheRealB_Elle: How's my mani & pedi looking ...

Twitter / TheRealB_Elle: How's my mani & pedi looking ...

You don't even follow me how you know about my pet peeve? Nice 😍😍 RT @TheRealB_Elle: How's my mani/pedi looking baby?

“You not ready for that... RT @ChioGirl79: When is my baby @ochocinco releasing his Zumba DVD? I gotta get my hips moving!”

“You know how we are baby... RT @FullBarbieBitch: Why fellas be changin and when yo ass confront em they gon act like aint shit changed?”

“Jamiee change your avi... 😡 RT @OfficialJamiee_: @ochocinco yes baby ok 😗”

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