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“😬 RT @PeggyMae: Saw @ochocinco outside of David's Cafe outside my apartment on 11th & Collins a few weeks ago. He looks better in person ;p”

“11th n Collins at Davids Cafe on the patio with Porkchop RT @Rubyeautiful: @ochocinco 12th and Collins, where are you??”

Twitter / Officialkerv: Yo @ochocinco pork chops waiting ...

Twitter / Officialkerv: Yo @ochocinco pork chops waiting ...

Tell him I'm almost there RT @Officialkerv: Yo @ochocinco pork chops waiting for you at David's cafe.

Amen. David's Cafe is 🔥.

Amen. David's Cafe is 🔥.

💯 RT @TayNewNew: Amen. David's Cafe is 🔥.

“It's easy to find me...Davids Cafe/Starbucks/Jazz Club (broward) RT @San_Andreabitch: @ochocinco yo I need to meet you”

Twitter / rtoro20: @ochocinco Spotted ...

Twitter / rtoro20: @ochocinco Spotted ...

Tell him meet me at Davids Cafe at 4:00, he still has the watch i gave him? RT @rtoro20: @ochocinco Spotted

“One last cafe con leche before I head home... what y'all doing”

“Okay @chrisjan36 has gone to Rihanna's concert with her friend, now I will enjoy a good cigar/cafe con leche n relax listening to pandora”

“Never again, I'm going to Davids Cafe RT @EJ_Santana: Yo @ochocinco What You Think About Your First Time Trying Sushi???”



Cafe Con Leche... RT @Blackdoll69: @ochocinco what is in that cup you drinking?!?!?

“Davids Cafe/Blue Jean Blues (jazz club)/Any stage play at Adrienne Arsht Center RT @gracec66: I'm in MIA..where do I go to run into u? 😍😍”

“Davids Cafe/11th n Collins RT @jaima_a: well, you tell us, it's our first time here. We are at the Loews, anything sound good close to here?”

“Hi my ass you gone enjoy Davids Cafe with me RT @KeishBaby: Hi RT @ochocinco: Please @ me the women who mandate a $200 dollar dinner date...”

“Red Lobster/Davids Cafe/Bahama Breeze doesn't RT @VRich_: not mandated but food n alcohol can easily reach that amount at a nice restaurant.”

“Watching at Davids Cafe of course RT @mlozano9: @ochocinco you?”

“Miami, please be open to jazz, starbucks, mani/pedi, working out and David's Cafe... RT @KoolKelsey: @ochocinco you know it. Where to?”

Twitter / MisterLongwood: Went to DAVIDS CAFE in South ...

Twitter / MisterLongwood: Went to DAVIDS CAFE in South ...

RT @MisterLongwood: Went to DAVIDS CAFE in South Beach, no @ochocinco present but the @ochocinco Special on their menu was good

“Back yard fire pit finally up and running... Jazz... cafe con leche (keurig)... solo dolo”

Cafe con leche-Cigar-People Watching-South Beach...”

Cafe Con Leche... Cohiba... Etta James song "I'd Rather Go Blind" playing on repeat...”

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