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“This time huh, child please, i love you too but how much? RT @Jicyraa_Carter: @ochocinco πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nah it's not that kinda i love you this time”

“Anytime your child/kids hit you with that "I Love You" out the blue it's the setup for the "I need money" question”

“#tbt My Child Please Day Care... ”

“Hmm RT @YesJanetJackMe: Somebody told me @ochocinco made $2 mil off of Child Please". Tffff??? Lol”

Child you better drink up and live life RT @__ChinGyyy: @ochocinco ☺lol I had to tame my thirst level .....I couldn't be dehydrated with her”

“Says the one who ignores now that she has a dude... Child Please RT @iAmRedbone: Me too. ❀ RT @ochocinco: I love everybody...”

“What timeline? 17 followers? Child love me and stop the madness RT @ONLE4ME: Why is @ochocinco all ova my damn timeline???”

Child Please... ain't shit #suspect about me either RT @EMPRESSRAW: If a nigga say "child please".. πŸ’he #suspect πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

Child Please, take me on Maury... RT @D_Rolll26: Hey @ochocinco I'm pregnant with your child I need you to contact me immediately.”

“Nah you good... i had 7 damn jobs over a decade, child we sailing off into the sunset, love ya RT @Jicyraa_Carter: I feels you pops πŸ‘Œ”

“Hope you get an academic scholarship, college cost sh*t RT @Jicyraa_Carter: 😭 child please.. school is my only job until i graduate college”

Child Please RT @stevenndavidd: @ochocinco you can't out exercise a bad diet”

“You think cause you pretty with no manicure you good huh? Child Please RT @She2unique: stop FRONTING for twitter !”

Child please, twit pic that mani/pedi RT @JessBond_: I would twitpic for OOMF who would surely appreciate this, but I'm mad at him right now”

Child Please, the mirror never lies regardless to what i tweet, damn u look good shit.. RT @shefancy83: ocho stop you're ruining your fine”

“Look at your hips in your avi, flourish my child I'm available RT @FeministaJones: @ochocinco how much more over 140”

Child please... you're grounded RT @Jicyraa_Carter: @ochocinco i love you too.. and i been unfollowed you, so whatever!”

Child I'm booked up this year, catch me in 2014 i got you... RT @IHeartLeola: @ochocinco papi I wanna find out why they call you Pepe?”

“Dope workout huh... RT @Primetime_Keim: Did that around the world workout that @ochocinco does. That shit ain't no joke. Child is strong”

“Every1 will be accommodated in a timely n respectable manner RT @GiaMaria76: CHILD PLEASE fulfill the conditions of you following me πŸ’‹”

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