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“My bad, go back in class RT @JKfBaby93: I just had to leave class cause @ochocinco had me laughing so hard with these tweets...”

“$20 class RT @AnaErviti: Well, my 6 pack and cockiness could use some perfecting...RT"@ochocinco: With me RT @AnaErviti: Practice perfection”

“I'm done working on a 10 pack... i now await Barca/Bayern match RT @ZGrenier42: I just got out of class. What's on your agenda for today?”

“😂 RT @MARLONLWAYANS: full body work out,core and endurance Shit makes u sweat the liquor OUT bro. But the class smell like lukewarm asshole”

“I've been the topic of many classes mainly my "Marketing" n "Branding" RT @KLucas26: Talking about @ochocinco in class right now”

“In class? RT @BlagoBlogger1: in class, we watched the video, when you took out your fans for a steak dinner #respect #classact”

Twitter / ochocinco: #tbt Playing futbol in Kenya ...

Twitter / ochocinco: #tbt Playing futbol in Kenya ...

#tbt Playing futbol in Kenya in timberlands with the kids during P.E. class...

“This is my last tweet about school, what about the moment you walk in class and notice you have a substitute teacher though? Shit I was out”

“Hell yeah.... RT @RyanJHouck: @ochocinco Remember the last five min of class seemed to last an hour?”

“Remember leaving your class in high school going to a friends class trying to get them 2 come outside through the lil window on the door?”

“#classic RT @_hrow_: walk as slowly as you can, stop at the water fountain.. just to get out of class for 5 minutes. Those were the days.”

“Remember in school when you'd be happy just to go to the bathroom to get out class. Those simple moments were priceless right?”

“RT @MaliBucks_: Drake's music will have you missing the girl from your 2nd grade class who unfroze you during a game of freeze tag.”

“RT @KiLLAh12: In class bored so I started reading @ochocinco tweets. Started laughing out loud everybody just looked at me. #embarrassing #ithappens 😂😫”

“RT @tam_nicole012: I used to sit in class and show everyone @ochocinco 's twitter videos. They finally understood why I love him so much. He's hilarious 😂😂”

“Pay her ass no mind at all... RT @StraussOfPain: @ochocinco Chad what is the best way to get a girl to notice you in class?”

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Matthew Caruso's Twitter Photo

RT @Mattza91: @ochocinco treats fans the way they should be treated with respect n class...much appreciated

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