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“Don't listen to him, i've been on 225 dates n 2 months RT @cdat: @ochocinco @rock9449 terrible idea. Don't play games. Games are for kids”

“Well my 1st dates are usually Starbucks which don't warrant sex RT @farrah2241: would u really want a lady to gv it up on the first date?”

“Learn to be submissive, it's easier to bless you RT @Zeralyn: Chad is bout to get blocked... All this dates and shoes mess... I can't deal.”

Twitter / MIAImprov: @ochocinco coming through with ...

Twitter / MIAImprov: @ochocinco coming through with ...

RT @MIAImprov: @ochocinco coming through with his "dates" to show @benjibrown1 some love

“I squeezed everybody in one big date tonight... RT @prettygirlsR0CK: @ochocinco how many dates have you been on today?”

“You over 130 pounds or at least close to it? RT @TeamCatBGC: @ochocinco Oh so you going on dates? Where mines 👀”

“$200 date? Who the hell eat that much? RT @QB_Hitman: See, Chad not taking chicks on $200 dates @ochocinco

“RT @kmichelle: RT @EbtheCeleb Why R u going on all these dates @ochocinco thought u said @kmichelle was ur #1> hes my homeboy I'm SINGLE.He needs 2have fun”

“I'm on dates every day, mostly by the 2's, the key is eating at places where i eat 4 free RT @ONLYNOBI: @ochocinco will you ever date again?”

“Check for symphony n opera as well I'll come RT @iAmRedbone: Should be, I gotta check for exact dates. Ill text it once I find out”

“💯 RT @indiankey: Glad to see @ochocinco finally having a nightlife and "dates" instead of being in bed by 8!!!! #keeppushingmybrother 😍”

“If I can get 100 people to come to random dinner dates I'm sure I can double those numbers for a nightlife outing @dreammiamifl

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