Dinner Tweets by @ochocinco

“Where are you? RT @Rubyeautiful: In Miami! What's for dinner @ochocinco??”

“Okay dinner is over what are y'all doing?”

“Fancy or my kind of restaurant RT @Marianna_Hewitt: @ochocinco dinner tmrw”

“In class? RT @BlagoBlogger1: in class, we watched the video, when you took out your fans for a steak dinner #respect #classact”

“Lunch/Dinner? RT @shoreymjr: I used to believe but now I question my faith. I'd love to chat with you and see if you can reaffirm my faith.”

“You're an atheist and i'm Christian, i'd like to talk over dinner #challenge RT @TheDudeInSF: Is that lyrics from a song or a challenge?”

“1 dinner convo i'll make you a believer RT @TheDudeInSF: These Christians are smarter than we thought. Correcting my grammar and everything!”

“You still owe me dinner and it was a pleasure meeting you as well RT @KFC718: @ochocinco thanks so much!! Enjoyed meeting you!!”

“Anytime love, enjoy the Marlins game... RT @AbbyRoMiller: Thanks for dinner Mr @ochocinco , nice meeting you kind sir.”

“Of course RT @D_Gonzo69: Bruh You gonna do another 100 person dinner when u come to LA in May? I missed the last one due to business travel.”

“Eating a late dinner blasting @dariusrucker song "Wagon Wheel" excited about tomorrow's work @fitspeedAP in the morning...”

“Lol RT @DivvaJayda: My crew just got excited seeing @ochocinco having dinner.. I told them pull their bike next to his Bentley for dinner

“Oh you hated the fact that i've been non-responsive? Dinner maybe? RT @MMroue2: After 2 years @ochocinco finally replied to me wthhhh”

“Holy shit this is funny 😂😂😂 RT @ChicagoTEVIN: "Why should we both cum during sex if we both of us didn't pay for dinner?" 😭😭😭”

“Okay what time? RT @jaima_a: @ochocinco New idea. Instead of 100 fan dinner, can you do a 5 fan? My kids would like to meet you.

“You just won the Super Bowl, dine at Juvia's boss RT @TorreySmithWR: @ochocinco where is a dinner spot??? Trying to figure out where to go”

“Hi my ass you gone enjoy Davids Cafe with me RT @KeishBaby: Hi RT @ochocinco: Please @ me the women who mandate a $200 dollar dinner date...”

“Please @ me the women who mandate a $200 dollar dinner date...”

“🙏 RT @THATGIRLME: I wonder if @ochocinco remembers dinner on the hill and how he had the owner of the restaurant run and get him a cigar”

“Houston y'all know damn well I wasn't coming here without having a 1st 100 people fan dinner... y'all coming to eat before we club?”

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