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“You'll lose RT @Scarkillaz: @ochocinco YES I'm calling you out on twitter to play you in FIFA #ps3... you can even stream it on #youstream!”

“Sleep well and tell Wayne Rooney to play me in Fifa RT @ShukzSantiago: @ochocinco ok have a good nights sleep xxx”

“Beating him 3-nill now RT @toddmilly: just beat @ochocinco in FIFA! 2 out of 3?”

“Just beat @toddmilly in Fifa... I think I will continue to annihilate any of my followers that think they're good”

“I'd spot you 2 goals with the minutes per half higher you'd lose RT @djgoldenboy: @ochocinco still running from this FIFA whooping tho”

“#Blocked 😡 RT @jasminejannay: @ochocinco what's FIFA?”

“And accept Fifa RT @shoedooo: A woman cannot change a man. You have to be willing to accept him for who he is.”

“Anybody care to lose in 2k/Fifa/Madden/NHL/... game or console matters not the results will be the same in you losing”

“Yes that's extremely important n the key to my heart besides Fifa RT @itskimwebster: Isn't a lack of chapstick a pet peeve as well?”

“He'll lose but ok RT @jessknowthat: can you PLEASE play my boyfriend @DSTEWFOR2 aka FIFA GAWD and settle this once and for all!”

“Just got from training with @CALISTHENICS Hopping pn Fifa then back to training at 5am RT @J___Ross: Wyd bruh @ochocinco 💯”

Fifa? you want your ass whooped? RT @mlozano9: @ochocinco yooooooo”

“I like jazz/opera/modern dance/stage plays/football/futbol/fifa/grammar/women/fashion RT @mehrsays: @ochocinco lmao hi pepe, I'm Mehr”

Fifa and Sex, no particular order... RT @fgliss: @ochocinco if money is the root of all evil... What is the root of all good!!??”

“Eggs/Oatmeal/Workout/DavidsCafe/Fifa/JazzClub/Cigar/Sleep RT @kat23iribarren: @ochocinco What would the perfect day for you consist of?”

“No particular order 💯 RT @klacee1: @ochocinco @__nuke Chad does the following: cigars/Fifa/McDonald's/Starbucks/Jazz/women/smart car!”

Fifa/Sex/Shop 🔂 RT @AsalMeansHoney: Does @ochocinco do anything besides smoke cigars and instagram pictures of him w/ women w fat asses?”

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