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“RT @AsiaBrown: @ochocinco Sure. Story #1: White family gave a 5 year-old a gun as a gift, left it loaded and unattended and 5 year-old shot/killed his...”

“Are u flirting? I've been hurt, don't do that RT @FeministaJones: Can't forget a gift from God! RT @ochocinco someone remembers my existence”

“So is the gift i bought RT @chrystii_xo: My birthdays is around the corner ☺”

“RT @Jicyraa_Carter: @ochocinco i followed you last night for my gift 😊.. which i better get or that button's going gray again. i kno u miss me on your timeline”

“A Celine bag to put her church peppermints in RT @Evon1908: @ochocinco What other gift(s) did you buy for your grandma on her birthday?”

“It's been a gift now it's a curse, gotta conform a lil RT @Lizzs_Lockeroom: For the 6 years I've known you, you've always kept it 💯 much ♥”

“What you want? RT @DaRealNette: @ochocinco fuck that gift? Bday tomorrow....what's the hold up Chadwick?”

“🙏 RT @Mrs_Owens5_4_13: be simple...use kinds words, say thank u& be humble most of all! :)no gifts are necessary! @ochocinco

Twitter / Skraw_Berry: @ochocinco KOD tonight ...

Twitter / Skraw_Berry: @ochocinco KOD tonight ...

I'll be there in spirit, tell her she can pick up her gift at her convenience RT @Skraw_Berry: @ochocinco KOD tonight

“And me 🙏 RT @kmichelle: First night of studio here in LA. I'm just ready to create. I thank God everyday for my gift and this opportunity.”

“Just don't unfollow me, i love you still RT @HiYelaGurl: it's cool. Popularity is a gift and a curse... I know u have the best of intentions”

“Who the hell you sleeping with? RT @dlarie7: @_SandraLynne @ochocinco I promise sex is not the greatest gift ever on your birthday.”

“Your gift from Spain, 2 more days RT @Jicyraa_Carter: We have the same taste man.. Just that I dress better but yeah. Same style and whatnot”

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