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“I'm not available emotionally so i'm technically single RT @AnaErviti: single? But you have over a thousand girlfriends... #confused”

“I'm extremely polite, I'll return after spoiling them RT @DaRealNette: ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Stop stealin all my girlfriends fool! 😡😡😡”

“Mayweather said as many as you can maintain 534 now RT @ChristinaCali: @ochocinco my god man many girlfriends do you have now?”

“I haven't spent any money, dining at places where i eat free is key RT @NightOwl_ovoxo: they aint your girlfriends they are just golddiggers”

“The O' Jays song "Darlin' Darin' Baby (sweet, tender, love) leaking through the sound system this morning. Great song for 500 + girlfriends

“RT @prodigalsam: Every guy named Chad has stolen someone's girlfriend at least once in his life.”

Twitter / ochocinco: Early lunch by the two's ...

Twitter / ochocinco: Early lunch by the two's ...

Early lunch by the two's (mandatory) with my girlfriends @br_mel and @jmerc201 What y'all doing?

“😍 RT @Teylore: I do RT @ochocinco: Long as my girlfriends love me... (lil wayne voice)”

“My girlfriends are throwing them for me duh RT @NerrissaDuh: But why isn't @ochocinco throwing some 💵 😂”

“I'm sorry 😔 RT @KoolKelsey: @ochocinco it's bad that you've been ignoring 1 of your girlfriends that you love. Just awful.”

“I've many girlfriends all dealing with me at my lowest but will reap the benefits once i'm back on top RT @ErThangRed: @ochocinco R u single”

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