God Tweets by @ochocinco

“Leigh Bodden/Revis, patient n that damn arm bar RT @YouRecreant: Revis is like God in the CB position though. Anyone else struggles with you”

“I do every morning and he says be yourself and not a pretentious robot for society RT @crowbaby12: @ochocinco you need to talk to GOD bro”

“Are u flirting? I've been hurt, don't do that RT @FeministaJones: Can't forget a gift from God! RT @ochocinco someone remembers my existence”

“Nah Moses did most of the work RT @Baddest_Indeed: @ochocinco God himself .”

“Don't agree with the title Black Sabbath chose for their single but I love the song "God is Dead" album isn't out for a while though...”

“😡 RT @Siiiimonsays: If you claim god exists you need to prove it or you can assume everyone thinks you also believe in santa claus. Moron.”

God is the greatest... 🙏”

“I'll fly you here n show you the small ways my, i mean our God works RT @TheDudeInSF: Well seems unlikely, seeing how we live so far apart.”

“Mayweather said as many as you can maintain 534 now RT @ChristinaCali: @ochocinco my god man ..how many girlfriends do you have now?”

“Your mouth to Gods ears 🙏 RT @Lizzs_Lockeroom: Good Morning Mr. Johnson! "Just when you think all hope is lost God shows up right on time."”

“🙏 RT @SoniaMckie: Thank you babe. God hasn't giving up on you so don't give up on him. Stay true and he will vindicate you. Love ya 85!”

“No playbook needed, God is the QB now RT @MMroue2: @ochocinco ill take you up on it, just name a time and location! And bring your play book”

“Its all photo shopped but thank you RT @Domo_Cakes: @ochocinco I'm in love with that avi of yours god have Marci lol 😍”

“RT @Hearn_Man_Ish: @ochocinco is one cool ass dude! never woulda expected a celeb to be so down to earth and friendly to fans. God has a plan for him”

“I love y'all to death and I hope to tweet and laugh with y'all tomorrow God willing... Goodnight 🙏”

“Ain't nothing like a woman in Ashley Stewart with a fresh mani/pedi... they all can get it... God forgive me 😔”

“👀 RT @dLO_READY: Just seen @ochocinco at the Breakfast Klub!!!! Yesss God!!!! That smile is wonderful!!!!”

“Y'all be blessed...let me get a 3 hour nap in before I head out... tweet y'all in the morning... God willing 🙏”

God has been showing out for two days in a row letting me find out what was really going... 🙏”

“May God be with you for having no idea about my spontaneous/unpredictable ass RT @FeministaJones: Bring the toys, I'll bring the noise”

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