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“Hell no but since I made them being part of Mothers Day possible I'm entitled 2 thank u sex RT @bigtymer90: @ochocinco u regret havin kids?”

“Don't listen to him, i've been on 225 dates n 2 months RT @cdat: @ochocinco @rock9449 terrible idea. Don't play games. Games are for kids

“Anytime your child/kids hit you with that "I Love You" out the blue it's the setup for the "I need money" question”

“Small example: the kids played A$AP Rocky song "F**ckin Problems" and knew every word but there was an awkward silence in many verses 😬”

“Damn right my kids get grounded if they lose, no reason to lose with my genes shit RT @Lez_E: @ochocinco and if yo kids lose you ground them”

“Anytime RT @jasonsmoon: @ochocinco Thanks for taking a picture with my kids this afternoon. You made their day. You're a class act.”

“I enjoyed it boss... you're welcome RT @karizbuj: @ochocinco You're a class act mate!Thanx for hangin with those kids in kibera #KENYA”

Twitter / ochocinco: #tbt Playing futbol in Kenya ...

Twitter / ochocinco: #tbt Playing futbol in Kenya ...

#tbt Playing futbol in Kenya in timberlands with the kids during P.E. class...

“Thinking of taking my kids out of school as a surprise and going to the Keys 2 relax without telling their mom, how mad would she get 😬”

“My kids continue to take advantage of me because I have no rules, they ask me what their mom already said no to and I say yes then she *^%#*”

“2nd goal is to embarrass everyone who works in the financial office especially the clerk who takes my kids tuition with a got damn smile!!!”

Twitter / ochocinco: With my extended family @jaima_a ...

Twitter / ochocinco: With my extended family @jaima_a ...

With my extended family @jaima_a and her kids at dinner... Dope 💯

“Okay what time? RT @jaima_a: @ochocinco New idea. Instead of 100 fan dinner, can you do a 5 fan? My kids would like to meet you.

“Now that I'm thinking that would be a dope show... "Family Wars" famlies competing in multiple events, parents vs parents n kids vs kids

“Going to the Youth Fair with the kids RT @PrinceHasani: I'm bout 2 go work out. U trying get up later? Go grab some food or something.”

“It's about competing, no NFL, shit dominate my kids "Field Day" RT @zoe_tipton: Crying at the hilarity of @ochocinco's field day tweets”

“You have to establish dominance early so they don't try you when they're older 💯 RT @iAmRedbone: LMAO! Too competitive. They're kids. 😂”

Chad Ochocinco footwork drills - AthleteIntel

Chad Ochocinco footwork drills - AthleteIntel

RT @CulturedAthlete: Kids always ask me wat drills can they do to get faster feet? I say ask check out this video and ask @ochocinco #WORK

“😔 RT @envytrice: @ochocinco do you plan on getting married? And having more kids?”

“Chaperoning lost it's appeal once my daughters left kindergarten, they'd be all over u scared to talk to other kids n parents. Different now”

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