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“There's no greater moment in life than when a woman begins to put her hair in a bun...”

Prioritize your life

Prioritize your life

Add the word "SEX" with each word RT @DonteStallworth: Prioritize your life

“You'll have a life jacket on, ride with a guy RT @teach_me_chris: @ochocinco I wanna get on a jet ski but I can't that smart?”

“RT @singamber: I wish the judgemental folks who think they r life guru's would SHUT UP! who died and made u the roadmap for life #sitplease #thatisall”

“Enjoying conversing n listening RT @MzHollywood0303: are u really enjoying single life or pretty much covering up the loneliness?”

“I get to that point in life as well, don't recall ever giving up RT @renee7_28: I give up trying to get Chad to respond......  @ochocinco

“Shouldn't one who knows so much about the government with threats of possibly exposing IT be afraid for their life or is that only in movies”

“Child you better drink up and live life RT @__ChinGyyy: @ochocinco ☺lol I had to tame my thirst level .....I couldn't be dehydrated with her”

Twitter / ochocinco: That Life... 🙏 ...

Twitter / ochocinco: That Life... 🙏 ...

That Life... 🙏

“The scariest people are the ones who have no regard for their own life and are willing die at all cost for what they believe in...”

“RT @thereal_s10: @ochocinco I respect the way you live your life. You're one of the few people in this world that doesn't care what people think about him.”

“Head high boss RT @JackHerer16: Going to start thinking like @ochocinco he has a great outlook on life with all the adversities he has faced”

“They have the right not to settle but geesh RT @kylexmac: black women too be lonely the rest of her life as she should”

“RT @aircrew1313: @ochocinco brings the average joe into his unaverage joe life to show that were all equal no matter the bills #respect”

“Pinch yourself RT @MakeUSayOO: I'm still in shock that Ocho Cinco is following me..I don't think this is real life..😳”

“You can live a righteous life but the # of ppl that come to ur funeral depends on the weather RT @OAlhasan: pass along some wisdom bruh”

“RT @FeministaJones: Live your life exactly how YOU want to live it. Through trial and error, mistake and success, just live for YOU.”

“I wake up, my feet hit the floor, the devil says damn, i look in the mirror n then I live life RT @RyanMagdziarz: what do you do all day?”

“RT @_iAimToPlease: @ochocinco career was criticized & ridiculed not b/c of the great numbers he put up on the field but b/c the man had a life off it 😳✊”

“Today's 5am n 9am workouts are complete, not even 11 yet, anyone available to hang out n chill, cigars, people watch, talk about life

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