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“Blame my moma @85mom back in 1980, had me fresh as hell RT @fuckkinasshole: @ochocinco what made you get into the love of fashion”

“Leaving the "I" out makes it a friend zone type of love... as for my feelings? "I" love you as well RT @iAM_AngieAng: @ochocinco love you!”

“I'm gone love all of you whether you want it or not...”

“Dope shit RT @theXceptional_1: @ochocinco wale pulled one of ya cards today, bought some of his fans jordans...#love

“Happy Birthday even though it'll be drowned out by the rest of your boo's RT @ErThangRed: @ochocinco love frm u 😪”

“Besame Mucho, i can't sing so i make love faces RT @rastarockit: what do you play on the axe when you want to disintegrate panties”

Twitter / ochocinco: Grabbed @kanyewest

Twitter / ochocinco: Grabbed @kanyewest "Cruel Summer" ...

Grabbed @kanyewest "Cruel Summer" in black also, giving her/them a choice. Women love making choices

“Fine ass, soon as i get my credit together you're mine RT @ajK1mmy: What's love gotta do with it? "@ochocinco: This is love..."”

“This is love...”

S/o to @ochocinco showing #southbeach_bar_bee @redbonecharlie crazy love

S/o to @ochocinco showing #southbeach_bar_bee @redbonecharlie crazy love

We look good RT @BAR_BEEULTD: S/o to @ochocinco showing #southbeach_bar_bee @redbonecharlie crazy love

“Ok call me RT @TrettaBush: 2. Financial Accountability: Find someone you can trust to correct you, n love, & to discuss major purchases with”

“Would a sweet Mormon girl love a bad boy is the question? RT @jessleav: @ochocinco Chad, would you ever love a sweet Mormon girl?”

“With your choice to follow you're merely a confused admirer that i still love despite your gibberish RT @Tmom49: you are a complete jerk”

“Yeah happy born day as well RT @SpikeLee: "@DomShimmyUng: @SpikeLee and @ochocinco gave me no love for my birthday 😭Happy Born Day.”

“Watch how easy it is #BYE RT @SkyyT: I'm sorry love! But u remember Skyy from Daytona Beach let it be known about your color barrier!! Ciao”

“What timeline? 17 followers? Child love me and stop the madness RT @ONLE4ME: Why is @ochocinco all ova my damn timeline???”

“1 day RT @jennlang03: love following you! You seem to be such a genuine person, hope to be lucky enough to meet u someday! #agirlcandream”

Twitter / AndreaXLeilani: @ochocinco What do u think ...

Twitter / AndreaXLeilani: @ochocinco What do u think ...

I see you... RT @AndreaXLeilani: @ochocinco What do u think love?

Twitter / ochocinco: Chicks love Hermes... like ...

Twitter / ochocinco: Chicks love Hermes... like ...

Chicks love Hermes... like really they do...

“Getting my feet/hands done in the nude and my nail tech can't stop peaking up... yes that's all me, keep filing love

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