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“I wish y'all were here to hear this @CALISTHENICS says Drake is a better lyricist than Lil Wayne, I like everybody so y'all answer this 😡😡”

“Now @CALISTHENICS is saying Drake is a lyricist which I agree but his flow doesn't change... Thoughts?”

“NAS is better because he has more material to make your judgement RT @JBlackson: @ochocinco Both dope lyricist. Nas is better though. Next.”

“Yoooo chill... completely different rappers/lyricist homie RT @SkinsForLife21: @ochocinco Kanye is more lyrical than Jay Z”

“Lizz what's the difference both deliver stories in a different way RT @Lizzs_Lockeroom: @ochocinco Rakim is a lyricist, DMX is a rapper”

“Word play = Rick Ross Is he a lyricist or a rapper? RT @HistoricBarZ: @ochocinco Wordplay can be a factor.”

“How can you decipher whose a lyricist based off delivery... It's all the same whether story telling or using punch lines... Am I wrong?”

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