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Twitter / OhItsDindi: Just me and my boo @ochocinco ...

Twitter / OhItsDindi: Just me and my boo @ochocinco ...

Soon as you're single RT @OhItsDindi: Just me and my boo @ochocinco in Miami, we need to take more pics together ♡

“Bump as in run into or is bump a sexual related term in London RT @EmaLouiseH: Wish I was in Miami to be able to bump into @ochocinco

“Hello I'm in Miami as well and I'm meetable (is that a word) anyway i'm free RT @IAMPORSCHA: @ochocinco hey im in miami i want too meet u”

“Where are you? RT @Rubyeautiful: In Miami! What's for dinner @ochocinco??”

“Heat/Clippers and we'll be court-side no lol RT @CariChampion: @ochocinco lolololol. Now you're being funny. Miami and who in the Finals?”

Twitter / itschuco: Do they make u pay? @ochocinco ...

Twitter / itschuco: Do they make u pay? @ochocinco ...

😂😂😂😂 RT @itschuco: Do they make u pay? @ochocinco #Miami #DavidsCafe

“I'm out here in Miami vibin, what's your 20? RT @BigDillon28: @ochocinco Yea bra tryna figure this out! whats good?”

“On a yacht practicing where are you? RT @MissMeganRenae: In Miami where's @ochocinco??”

“Okay meet me for coffee? RT @MarleneGarciaa: Waddup @ochocinco we in Miami!! We from chitown we at the mondrian. Lets get together. Lol”

“Are there any professional cyclist on twitter that are in the Miami area that'll allow me to use a bike for Critical Mass tonight?”

“In Miami? damn right RT @MannyFern099: group of us will be riding about 35 miles followed by a 3 mile run Saturday... care to join?”

“I'm a creature of habit and what interest me as far as entertainment/dining is in Miami RT @sunnyg20: @ochocinco why do you hate atlanta?”

Ran into @ochocinco.... @marcuskincyst @cortni1 @mscherieamor. #miami #turnt

Ran into @ochocinco.... @marcuskincyst @cortni1 @mscherieamor. #miami #turnt

We are awesome RT @brente2110: Ran into @ochocinco.... @marcuskincyst cortni1 @mscherieamor. #miami #turnt

“Lmao 😂😂😂 RT @cakezilla: I think @ochocinco is a Miami landmark. People go to Miami & try to find him for a pic. lol #RandomThought”

“You in Miami? I'm stretching in the sand n tweeting, dark as shit out here, water is calm though RT @JuliaBeverly: @ochocinco ok I'm coming”

“Just curious, while my Bostonian guest is on her way with a friend to Miami after a saddening week, would they enjoy RiRi's concert?”

“Yup yup yup (ducky voice) Fun is the sun RT @chrisjan36: Just boarded...heading to Miami thanks to @ochocinco. Yup it's real :-)”

“You want a vacation to Miami? RT @chrisjan36...... Thanks. ...needed that after today.... had to say goodbye to my grandmother today :-(”

Miami guy loving a Boston girl virtually... :) RT @chrisjan36: @ochocinco.....Boston girl saying hi....not that you ever say hi back ;)”

“I love you and you're welcome from Miami RT @hotgirlstyle: @ochocinco thank you from Boston..”

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