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“Look in any mirror and repeat... "I'm the sperm that won" RT @Sam_Beishuizen: @ochocinco where can I find happiness?”

Twitter / ochocinco: None of this shit comes out ...

Twitter / ochocinco: None of this shit comes out ...

None of this shit comes out like the display... I've been in the mirror 28 minutes

“Can't sleep, standing in front of the mirror trying to perfect tying my suit ties... they never come out like the videos on YouTube 😡😡😡”

“RT @DeionSanders: @ochocinco I will get out the hole look back at u & highstep u. I would also put a full mirror at the finishline so u can see yourself lose.”

“I wake up, my feet hit the floor, the devil says damn, i look in the mirror n then I live life RT @RyanMagdziarz: what do you do all day?”

“Child Please, the mirror never lies regardless to what i tweet, damn u look good shit.. RT @shefancy83: ocho stop you're ruining your fine”

“RT @RhondaSue4711: I dislike when someone is so good looking and they act like they don't know it. Lol You know they are in the mirror saying " damn I'm fine."”

“Man I'm here living life, no rear view mirror in my car, no need to look back... RT @reallilscrappy: @ochocinco wussup foo foo”

“Hi RT @taraten72: Where's my canteen? This black ass @ochocinco got me over here acting thirsty! Im in the mirror like who the ---- are you”

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