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“She so bad she live off the "HUSH" money without a care in the world... how bad are you again?”

“Anytime your child/kids hit you with that "I Love You" out the blue it's the setup for the "I need money" question”

Twitter / 24HrsOfTweet: @ochocinco man I hope I don't ...

Twitter / 24HrsOfTweet: @ochocinco man I hope I don't ...

You playing with the law 😱 RT @24HrsOfTweet: @ochocinco man I hope I don't get in no trouble. U got bail money? Lol

“Haha RT @Ambitious_Breed: Man I tell u @ochocinco bio is real ish, n ppl with money still don't realize smh”

“Well I'm cool RT @N_Rodriguez22: @mvpmike_ no they are not. They are down to earth with people like them people (other people with money)”

“RT @LeanNmyTalk: @ochocinco be on some funny shit...all money n fame dont matter...dude really live a simple lifestyle”

“No, I'm 2 cheap/frugal for that lifestyle, I can stick my foot in every blue moon RT @demetriusvilleg: are you a part of the money team?”

“I gave my money back in fines for a decade RT @rizz_shepherd: @ochocinco you play for The money or did you play for the love of the game?”

“Britney Spears RT @WILDLGAPACHE: Bro we know your not all on that high money $hit! Your the only celeb that drives a smart car and loves it!”

“Basically, war means aid... Even if it doesn't come from us. War means money. And North Korea is very poor. My 85 cents...”

“How much more money would rappers have if there was no entourage...”

“When i come across enough money i can spend on 100 followers without thinking twice about it RT @LisaLeggz: @ochocinco ahh Know when yet?”

“I haven't spent any money, dining at places where i eat free is key RT @NightOwl_ovoxo: they aint your girlfriends they are just golddiggers”

“Nah I'm a lover but you gone learn bout these money management tactics got dammit... RT @C_TheeBest: Mannnn i gotta 2 piece @ochocinco

“Read the beginning of my twitter bio... RT @Edson2Saints: @ochocinco how don't you run out of money!”

“I would pay Landau Eugene Murphy any amount of money to sing his album "My Way" on a Saturday when I'm doing chores at home live”

“Definitely need to holla at the principal or athletic director, I pay good money for private school n "Field Day" is my time to shine”

“Fifa and Sex, no particular order... RT @fgliss: @ochocinco if money is the root of all evil... What is the root of all good!!??”

“Especially when you lose it all... #Fact... RT @DannyNunes: @ochocinco Money doesn't change people, it unmasks who they really are.”

“Yes money did change me, i supersize my shit at McDonalds now... RT @LyndenTrail7: I respect @ochocinco money didn't change him”

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