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“Lmao 😂😂😂 you didn't like the movie RT @MARKBHIGGINS: @ochocinco good call. Iron man 3=fail”

“Listening to George Benson's album Guitar Man and I keep playing "Oh Danny Boy" over n over, anyone remember the movie Millers Crossing?”

“Will do one again while I'm there in May RT @VAWSE: @ochocinco yeah that was one of the coolest movie trips ever”

“Oh yeah you remember, i was doing DWTS at the time RT @VAWSE: @ochocinco and we wish Cheryl Burke Happy Birthday before the movie lmao”

“The ending of "Glory" as to why I don't know RT @KoolKelsey: if you could live in any movie and not die, what would it be? And why?”

“Remember in the movie "Lean On Me" when Joe Clark caught Sams n his friends in the bathroom, I appreciate that school song moment...💯”

“I've sleeping bags available, like Owen Wilson in that movie with Reese Witherspoon RT @JuliaBeverly: did they all bring overnight bags? Lol”

“It's lonely in this damn house n i keep hearing noises, black person always dies n movies 1st RT @mturke_: why are you up past your bedtime”

“Every? Shit i can't find a movie date 2 see Temptation RT @Mswilkerson036: was it about u that EVERY woman wants just curious no disrespect”

“In the movie Super Cross who is the young blond with freckles that the younger brother was seeing?”

“Watching the movie "Death Becomes Her" n I find Meryl Streep 2 be not just thee best actress there is but she is cherry flavor blow pop fine”

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