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“I'm a lover of so many different genres of music but I don't recall knowing songs word for word at 16/17 years old...”

“Yeah bruh you locked in the iPod my dude RT @JBush: @ochocinco bro u still bumping the music?!”

Twitter / ochocinco: PorkChop hitting the Josephine ...

Twitter / ochocinco: PorkChop hitting the Josephine ...

PorkChop hitting the Josephine Johnnie to Salsa Music, he's from New Orleans so that's the only move he knows..

“We all know I'm in love with Janelle Monae, her music, her sound, fuck just the being itself but Emile Sandè iTunes Session album 😍😍😍😍”

“Tell me Trains song "Brick by Brick" isn't the shit you just don't know music...”

G.I.F.T. by HeartGrabMusic

G.I.F.T. by HeartGrabMusic

Sitting here listening to the homie @JBush music, bruh got bars...

“My girl crush is on the cover of "Essence" magazine... my goodness I love her and her music 😍😍😍”

“Everybody has to checkout @southstreetmia if you're a local or visiting from out of town, ask for @AmarisJones and enjoy the food n music

“Listening to the O' Jays song "Sunshine Part 1" music will never be like this again...”

“RT @MaliBucks_: Drake's music will have you missing the girl from your 2nd grade class who unfroze you during a game of freeze tag.”

“Anyone else enjoy Jack Johnson's music or I'm the only one? Oh ok cool...”

“Anything but i'm losing right now RT @edsuarezy: That why I like @ochocinco he talks politics, sports, music, fashion. Anything else I miss?”

“I'm on the plane using wifi chilling with my feet kicked up listening to music/tweeting RT @aKeith_: I can't believe you're up at this hour”

“Watching Deco Drive and I didn't know Taylor Swift music was about her actual relationships that went wrong? That isn't illegal?”

“Frank Sinatra's music and sound is still unbelievable at this day n age... My goodness 🙏”



Jamming 2 Alvin Ailey as todays workout music. I've the old iPod because the new 1s hold 10 songs 😡 [pic] —

“Cool, well I'm following you n look forward 2 our relationship RT @mehrsays: @ochocinco i like art galleries and thai food and ratchet music

“Yes but i won't be out there RT @MARKBHIGGINS: yessir! DR was dope now the anticipation is building for music ultra. U mess with house music

“Listening to The Eagles greatest hits and my favorite song is "One of these Nights" any of my older followers like their music?”

“Pavarotti n Frank Sinatra's rendition of the song "My Way" is on repeat, not your typical workout music but fitting being I've never changed”

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