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“With 4 million followers? Think about your statement RT @pbain211: @ochocinco @JonnyBones Ocho are you missing public attention that badly??”

“Porkchop got em RT @njso18: those shoes have zippers for real? what you gotta cop, ocho, is the air jordan 5 "grape" rerelease this saturday”

“Will be on the beach later for lunch RT @IamCaine1: Do you hear me calling you @ochocinco?? We're yelling out the window.. Ocho Ocho!!!”

“Bad burch focus is about being BAD not PLEASING RT @BOONIEtheGOONIE: Unless You Dealing With A Bad Bitch, Ocho! Then it's the Best of Both”

“Delete your twitter account... RT @LongLeggedLover: aren't you still married Ocho?”

“"Aventus" byCreed RT @RamieNTexas: Ocho, help!!! I need to get some cologne for a friend; after a while it all smells the same. suggestions?”

“I hate when people walk up and say... Hey are you Ocho Cinco... why not just say hello instead of asking that dumb as question!!! WTF!!!”

“Pinch yourself RT @MakeUSayOO: I'm still in shock that Ocho Cinco is following me..I don't think this is real life..😳”

Twitter / ochocinco: Photo shop RT @Jerry_westmade: ...

Twitter / ochocinco: Photo shop RT @Jerry_westmade: ...

Photo shop RT @Jerry_westmade: @ochocinco @walk_nasty_008 lol Im jk ocho I was jus trying to get a reply lol!

Twitter / ochocinco: Yeah ok RT @Jerry_westmade: ...

Twitter / ochocinco: Yeah ok RT @Jerry_westmade: ...

Yeah ok RT @Jerry_westmade: @ochocinco @walk_nasty_008 ocho Lyin!!! He be on photoshop right ocho!

“Child Please, the mirror never lies regardless to what i tweet, damn u look good shit.. RT @shefancy83: ocho stop you're ruining your fine”

“Not as bad as your decision to put that avi up.. u hurt RT @jujuofficial: Ocho Cinco makes the WORST decisions when it comes to women...smh”

“Nah I'm wearing Dickie outfit so she know I mean business #JohnDoe RT @CBankz: @ochocinco @StephsDope holy shit ocho. Don't fuck this up lol”

“Damn no foreplay with yo aggressive ass... chivalry is officially dead shit... RT @_xRTLx: @ochocinco fuck u Ocho

“54th n 12th RT @Mskika118: Where do they sell those? RT @ochocinco Damn spell check, u really want Ochos? RT @Mskika118: I really want Oreos”

“Damn spell check, you really want Ochos? RT @Mskika118: I really want Oreos tho 😣”

“Pepe Ocho Cinco Le Pew RT @Zvele7: @ochocinco so what's your actual name now”

“Hi Tara I'm just an addict in general... RT @taraten72: @ochocinco Hi my name Tara Clark and I'm a Ocho addict!😂😂😂”

RT @vivianakacreoen: @ochocinco sorry ocho u got unfollowed

RT @vivianakacreoen: @ochocinco sorry ocho u got unfollowed

RT @vivianakacreoen: @ochocinco sorry ocho u got unfollowed

“The love and appreciation for you will never change regardless of your views n opinions RT @richeisen: nothing but love, as always Ocho.”

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