Sex Tweets by @ochocinco

“STFU... Chubbies sex is better dummy RT @aw91_ERA: @ochocinco why you be chasin chubbies to much! Tall skinny models is the way to go”

“Waking up holding this pillow in the premature cuddle position isn't the business, very uncomfortable being most cuddle sessions r after sex

“Hell no but since I made them being part of Mothers Day possible I'm entitled 2 thank u sex RT @bigtymer90: @ochocinco u regret havin kids?”

“Dare to crossover and experience it or continue to live wondering? RT @givancic: What is scuba diving in reference to sex? never heard of it”

“In reference to sex or the actual ocean itself RT @SawDiggity: @ochocinco you ever been scuba diving?”

“None of them, i don't give it up that easy RT @MannyPonders: @ochocinco @cdat @rock9449 can you give a percentage that resulted in sex?”

Prioritize your life

Prioritize your life

Add the word "SEX" with each word RT @DonteStallworth: Prioritize your life

“Yes and also for sex from various ethnicities who are/were curious RT @farrah2241: @ochocinco do u get paid to tweet??”

“Well my 1st dates are usually Starbucks which don't warrant sex RT @farrah2241: would u really want a lady to gv it up on the first date?”

“Average women sex is 10 times better than dimes, they 2 cute to practice shit RT @VannaLovesAss: I've always liked ugly or average dudes. l”

“I ain't easy like that, you gotta work for this... RT @juiceN_onEm: I have sex in my head with @ochocinco often”

“The new Jay Z... The new Big Krit... damn it's been a great week so far and I haven't had sex this month...”

“RT @AsiaBrown: ...-sigh- RT @SteveTwerkel: Behind every man with a great sex game is a certifiably crazy woman.”

“It's a lose/lose either way RT @ItsIMANIrose: hahaha chad Hey Tyler perry makes the rules ! He said "stick with the good guy with lame sex."”

“Dope 💯 RT @suzyyogi: U come across as effortlessly chic & that has FAR more sex appeal & style than a high-roller/baller n head-toe labels”

“Holy shit this is funny 😂😂😂 RT @ChicagoTEVIN: "Why should we both cum during sex if we both of us didn't pay for dinner?" 😭😭😭”

“Anyone ever try that tweet I sent out about screaming "This is Sparta" right before sex?”

“Who the hell you sleeping with? RT @dlarie7: @_SandraLynne @ochocinco I promise sex is not the greatest gift ever on your birthday.”

“Shit ask Jeremiah he made the song... RT @dlarie7: @ochocinco @missklept what does sex have to do with a happy birthday”

“Everyone please wish @MissKlept a happy birthday and unpredictable, spontaneous sex sessions in public places throughout the day...”

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