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“Bruh you're light skin I'm not taking you serious... STFU RT @shawnemerriman: @ochocinco You can get your ass whipped 1 time quick”

“Fool you light skin, Winky Wright looking ass RT @PoppaScruff: I'll beat ya ass up keep talking crazy with yo ugly ass peanut head!!!”

“Yes or No? RT @SkyyT: wow so to date a DARK SKIN woman we need to be a liable asset? 85 I'm a human not a pair of your Red bottoms!”

“WTF are you talking about, i date everyone light or dark RT @SkyyT: lies! U date light skin women not black ones or shld I say DarkSkin ones”

“Lmao 😂😂😂😂 RT @Untamed_Lame: Light skin niggas wanna be carried after they wedding.”

“Follow @Darkskin because he's dark skin and dark is in, well dark has been ever since El' Debarge broke up...”

“Fool light skin with his eyebrows arched talking shit RT @MrRedMartian: You look like a field slave in that avi b @ochocinco

“So you think light skin equates to being cute huh cause ya mindset is ugly RT @_Queenvee_: @ochocinco stays having ugly ass girls gassed 😂”

“RT @Jus_Maria: Dark Skin men really ain't my cup of tea but @ochocinco can be my tea, coffee,water,pop, juice & energy drink! 😍 Lawd he is smooth”

Twitter / K2Cute4u: @ochocinco this is the type ...

Twitter / K2Cute4u: @ochocinco this is the type ...

She left me for some light skin dude RT @K2Cute4u: @ochocinco this is the type of chick u need dude~>>> @KoolKelsey

“Flawless? Shit my credit fucked up RT @AwaitNmyDESTINY: You're flawless! Your chocolate brown skin and pearly white teeth. 😍😍😍😍 Jesus!”

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