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Twitter / MooreChrisPlz: Saw @ochocinco at Starbucks ...

Twitter / MooreChrisPlz: Saw @ochocinco at Starbucks ...

RT @MooreChrisPlz: Saw @ochocinco at Starbucks yesterday...wanted his name to be written as "The Black Guy" on his cup lol😂 #realaf

“Listening Joe Bonamassa relaxing at Starbucks now waiting on my daughters recital to start at 8...”

“Buy me Starbucks RT @JusYummy: Great night diamondsofatl thanks Tizzle and all my Haitian friends ”

“It's easy to find me...Davids Cafe/Starbucks/Jazz Club (broward) RT @San_Andreabitch: @ochocinco yo I need to meet you”

“Well my 1st dates are usually Starbucks which don't warrant sex RT @farrah2241: would u really want a lady to gv it up on the first date?”

“Perhaps we should date, a speed date covering as many issues as possible in Starbucks RT @FeministaJones: @ochocinco Perhaps you told me?”

“Just leaving Starbucks, been there all day and I'm ready to engage in unfiltered banter with anyone willing to participate... Ok cool”

“Still at Starbucks what's good RT @Mr_CalvinStrain: What's good @ochocinco

“I'm almost at Starbucks in Cooper City, i'll be here for 4 hours or so RT @MsEthnicity: @ochocinco where u at?”

“Just finished training headed to Starbucks to listen to @glennbeck podcast, heard he dropped some gems RT @J___Ross: Yoooo waddup boss”

The Glenn Beck Program

The Glenn Beck Program

Geesh thanks, i'll listen at Starbucks RT @SaraFeed: don't worry, you can listen to the podcast after the show:

“Whenever you're done with him im here RT @ajK1mmy: @ochocinco LOL I do need some Starbucks and McDonalds right about NOW.”

“But we kissed at Starbucks in LA you can't be catfish RT @LakeShOwQueen: Unfollow me if you think I'm catfish fuck faces.”

“Straight to the point? Offer me Starbucks or McDonalds 1st shit, serenade a brother RT @JustALadyFriend: Hi, fuck you.”

“Trust me you don't hate me, i need 5 minutes in person at a local Starbucks u'll love me RT @MMroue2: @1AlaaZ @ochocinco because I hate him”

“Miami, please be open to jazz, starbucks, mani/pedi, working out and David's Cafe... RT @KoolKelsey: @ochocinco you know it. Where to?”

Starbucks/conversing/listening are my strengths RT @ACarolineGibson: wish I could casually run into chad. He seems like such a nice fella 😍”

“No particular order 💯 RT @klacee1: @ochocinco @__nuke Chad does the following: cigars/Fifa/McDonald's/Starbucks/Jazz/women/smart car!”

“Lmao 😂😂R T @D_Gonzo69: @iamdeelishis i would do an interview with u at Starbucks Follow me so we can DM the particulars. #jobsearching 🌹”

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