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“That needs to be in the dictionary... my style is #Unfuckwittable RT @Jake____Ray: @ochocinco 's style is unfuckwittable”

“85% RT @fuckkinasshole: @ochocinco lmao that's wassup fam. Your style is bananas and your shoe game is nice as hell 👌, how many are stolen”

“It's going down soon as he goes to his next doctors appointment RT @lsb_mmm: what happen to that project x style party at @kobebryant house?”

“If you love me fully clothed? What if I'm nude? RT @ChrisMoneeyYo: I'm in love with @ochocinco style. That nigga always dress nice”

“Working on my face... got to go under the knife Joan Rivers style RT @vronnica: @ochocinco yeah ur body right!”

“These matches r won based on style of fighter, Mayweather's style won't allow him 2 be beat on n off night RT @jk3arns: Mayweather/Guerrero”

“Anyone else buy the $10.00 shoes (van style) shoes from Urban Outfitters or just me?”

“RT @Ryan00C: "@ComplexMag: Guess which former NFL player was spotted rocking a kilt " who else has the style to @ochocinco #noone”

Twitter / ariana_LK: @ochocinco yae or nae?? ...

Twitter / ariana_LK: @ochocinco yae or nae?? ...

Should've gone solid, that style of nail with a french mani don't go babe RT @ariana_LK: @ochocinco yae or nae??

“Dope 💯 RT @suzyyogi: U come across as effortlessly chic & that has FAR more sex appeal & style than a high-roller/baller n head-toe labels”

“I rarely wear sneakers but that Cheetah print Uptowns were dope RT @brookenyg: @ochocinco follow sneakernews on IG they got some hot styles

“You want the truth? The tier 4/5 women and A listers live that life style RT @MishGaff: @ochocinco haha! Gotta be special for that club!”

“Salute 💯 RT @MandyLUX: @ochocinco I love ur edgy style, those from harem pants to leopard loafers!!! Men must stop being so boring ♥”

Twitter / viivalakaydee: I feel like I'm on my @ochocinco ...

Twitter / viivalakaydee: I feel like I'm on my @ochocinco ...

Dope pants 💯 RT @viivalakaydee: I feel like I'm on my @ochocinco steez with this leather pocket #style #easykill

“Lmao 😂😂 RT @FickSlow: @ochocinco 's photos on instagram are fresh as fuck. You got style! Shit I think ugly, you make me wanna wear it Lol”

“Your gift from Spain, 2 more days RT @Jicyraa_Carter: We have the same taste man.. Just that I dress better but yeah. Same style and whatnot”

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