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“Starting my "Flush" training at 9:30... 10 abs is possible RT @J___Ross: Yoooo waddup this am boss @ochocinco...💯”

“Just finished training headed to Starbucks to listen to @glennbeck podcast, heard he dropped some gems RT @J___Ross: Yoooo waddup boss”

“How can we catch him? RT @Camden_Cash: Suspect had bomb strapped to his chest. Non American born. Thought to have overseas military training

“I'm almost done training, i'll come pick you up, Tootsies for lunch RT @1AlaaZ: @ochocinco ay I just landed in Miami where you at!”

“A man's athletic ability n a woman's athletic ability are on two totally different spectrums, I feel with the right training she can compete”

“Chilling @drefilms x and @jonj_305 before I start training, putting everything on film after 2 months straight with @CALISTHENICS

“Wake up at 5am and you'd know that's my training time RT @GrindHard88: @ochocinco less Twitter entertainment n more football training pls.”

“Just got from training with @CALISTHENICS Hopping pn Fifa then back to training at 5am RT @J___Ross: Wyd bruh @ochocinco 💯”

“Right here training at 5am then tweeting throughout the day afterwards RT @pxdrew: Yoooooo where the hell u been @ochocinco

“Even though it's Saturday my morning ritual is still 5am without training RT @r_kellz: @ochocinco hey I can't sleep. What are you doing??”

“Yo that's funny, now that you put it that way it feels... nevermind RT @jabmorris: @ochocinco She's just being a training!”

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