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“😁 RT @mslauralinda: Man @ochocinco uses twitter in one of the most...unique ways I've ever seen lol”

“See ----> RT @AgrazAmber: When I'm bored, I just get on Twitter & read @ochocinco 's tweets. #priceless #entertainment”

“You'll lose RT @Scarkillaz: @ochocinco YES I'm calling you out on twitter to play you in FIFA #ps3... you can even stream it on #youstream!”

“I was on Black Planet and My Space RT @candleman75: Yo @ochocinco how did you function BEFORE twitter??”

“Are there any professional cyclist on twitter that are in the Miami area that'll allow me to use a bike for Critical Mass tonight?”

“Of course not, church and the dentist office RT @colesams13: @ochocinco do you only use twitter in an attempt to speak with random women?”

“That it shall kind sir RT @RedStonerr: I'm so stupid for not following @ochocinco. My REAL Twitter experience shall now commence.”

“Your twitter name begins with "Ugly" is this some form of confusing tactic or just a simple mind fuck RT @Ugly_Anna: @ochocinco hi”

“RT @Skyspyder: I swear @ochocinco is the most grammatically correct dude on twitter. He even corrects his own errors in the next tweet. #EducationIsPower”

“RT @ratherbtanning: @ochocinco Boston Police to Twitter: Stop making up fake Twitter accounts, stop tweeting our scanner, stop telling people where we're going.”

“Would he answer on twitter? RT @JoelBrock324: @ochocinco Have you seen @PaulGAllen and his yacht?”

“I already destroyed him on twitter battling within the 140 character limit RT @Villegas1919: u can't stunt harder than @MeekMill on IG”

“You find public curve-age funny you fucker, i have feelings shit RT @vishaljasser: Hahaha @ochocinco getting rejected on twitter.. Poor guy”

“I had to pee pee so i checked twitter RT @1prettymesha: @ochocinco you.. Bed. Now! 👉 Way past your bedtime. 😴 Lol”

“Biggest/Smallest we've all hoe'd at some point... you aren't Mother Theresa RT @PUSHATIFF: @ochocinco the biggest twitter hoe.”

“How boring would my twitter be if i replied only to compliments RT @thereal_inc: Y does @ochocinco only reply to those who talk shit to him?”

Twitter / LiLKansasQT: My Letter to my Twitter ...

Twitter / LiLKansasQT: My Letter to my Twitter ...

This is what i wake up 2? RT @LiLKansasQT: My Letter to my Twitter BoyFriEnd...@ochocinco

“Prove this is you, twit pic todays date/name on paper RT @LiLKansasQT: Will u be my twitter BF again? A lil make up tweeting ; )”

“My daughter @Jicyraa_Carter and I have the best relationship even though she doesn't follow me on twitter... I'm still hip”

“Are you available? You're gorgeous... RT @pyt_mea: I swear @ochocinco be getting them all on twitter! Lol”

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