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“In exchange you must post more women over 140 pounds... please RT @PostBadBitches: @ochocinco shout us out”

“2 so far, really surprises women when you can play RT @DaQuanBowers91: I gotta see you with a ax lmao .. How many guitars you have”

“What you think about M&M's and Skittles? Different taste but fucking good RT @J_PREZZ: @ochocinco What do u think of Puerto Rican Women?”

Twitter / ochocinco: Grabbed @kanyewest

Twitter / ochocinco: Grabbed @kanyewest "Cruel Summer" ...

Grabbed @kanyewest "Cruel Summer" in black also, giving her/them a choice. Women love making choices

“Of course not, church and the dentist office RT @colesams13: @ochocinco do you only use twitter in an attempt to speak with random women?”

“Even if i sent it to a random woman or nah? RT @VuhJynaSaurus: News flash: women are not flattered by unwanted dick pics from strangers..”

“It's not the car it's the potential driving it RT @Im1uglassnigga: @ochocinco is the only nigga in this world pulling women in a smart car.”

“Average women sex is 10 times better than dimes, they 2 cute to practice shit RT @VannaLovesAss: I've always liked ugly or average dudes. l”

“What is it? I'm a cheap penny pinching mofo RT @DanayseSpeaks: Lmao at how @ochocinco think women want him for his looks or personality!!!!”

“They were 5 grown 40/45 year old caucasian women thank you RT @CHELSB_103: @ochocinco Was On The Beach Yesterday With 5spanish Hoes Lol”

“I do like a variety when it come 2 women RT @Ryan_Hafner07: Man I thought you liked variety, why are you making all ur vehicles matte black?”

“WTF are you talking about, i date everyone light or dark RT @SkyyT: lies! U date light skin women not black ones or shld I say DarkSkin ones”

“I find beauty n the simplest women, no such thing as ugly RT @LittleMrsSnshne I've never seen you date an ugly lady, but I do get your point”

“I date anybody fine or not RT @akinev: why is it ok for blk men to have standards but blk women are too picky? ya'll don't date just anybody”

“Why do women do this shit, whatever you want so does everybody else lessening your chance of success RT @Iamdeedeedotcom: Not just anyone 😡”

“Out of my league until i get my shit together RT @Luis_c_molina: @ochocinco whatcha think bout @VidaGuerra shes your kind of women?”

“It was 8 women n it was bible study RT @StilettoJill: an average Joe is taking 10 women on a date TOGETHER. But we'll concede it's possible”

“"If she look she took" RT @dentster1: @ochocinco why are u taking women who are in a relationship out? Get it together”

“This is such a cool forum, where else can you see thousands of men/women voicing there opinions/views whether idiotic or meaningful...”

“It seems the men are saying it's not possible but the women are finding ways where her abilities can be used effectively to contribute...”

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