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“Phew. A win. I'll take it. But we've got to play better than that to beat Spurs next week. #Arsenal

“BOOOOOOM! Santi again...2-1....great finish. #Arsenal

“Kroenke's won nothing with any of his U.S. sports teams for over a decade - he doesn't care about silverware, just profit. #Arsenal

“Giroud's a good footballer, and excellent finisher. But he lacks the pace all great modern strikers need. #Arsenal

“Still, so long as Silent Stan's comfy in that expensive cashmere red blanket, that's all that really matters. Right? #Arsenal

“Shocking defending/goalkeeping...again. #Arsenal

“Wilshere growing with every game - superb player, terrific commitment. #Arsenal

“BOOOM! 1-0. Great play by Cazorla. My spleen says thank you. #Arsenal

“I am suspending my #WengerOut ranting for the duration of this game. We need to win this game, badly. Come on Arsenal.”

“United fans all agree with @GNev2 that Arsenal winning nothing for 8yrs is 'great business'. Quelle surprise!”

Arsenal has highest paid manager & CEO -who charge highest priced tickets, win no trophies and sell all our best players. What a farce.”

“It's Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC. #WengerOut”

“Wenger too stubborn to quit, the Board too complicit to fire him. So #Arsenal now trapped in a world of unending, ambitionless failure.”

“UPDATE: It's now 2,835 days since Arsenal last won a trophy. #WengerOut”

“Correction: my Football Focus interview airs NEXT weekend, when Arsenal play Spurs..... and yes, I'll have a LOT to say @mrdanwalker .”

“Incredibly depressing that some #Arsenal fans still have no problem with the Van Pursestrings transfer. Shows how far we've fallen.”

“Gazidis and Wenger handed the League to United for £24m. Utterly disgraceful piece of 'business'. #Arsenal

“United romping away with the League, Arsenal looking like 5th at best. Thanks again #IvanTheTerrible #WengerTheSeller #VanPursestrings”

“BOOOOOM! Now THAT is what I've been waiting to bloody see - fight, spirit, determination, guts. Proud of the team today. #Arsenal

“Szczesny and @Sagnaofficial have kept us in this - brilliant performances by the pair of them. #Arsenal

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