Power Tweets

A Power Tweet is like shocking a normal Tweet with 1.21 Gigawatts!

Make Your Tweets Work Harder and Smarter

A Power Tweet is a Tweet you send from our platform to your Twitter followers that includes a link back to its own landing page complete with the text of your tweet, embeded content from the link you've shared, and other related tweets of yours.

Why Power Tweet? It's a great way to send traffic to your Twylah page and gives your followers the opportunity to discover a larger portion of your Twitter content. By sending Power Tweets, your followers will land on a page full of engaging content such as your related tweets and topics. Viewers who click on Power Tweet links spend more time engaging with your content then if you simply Tweeted from another app.

Check out some example Power Tweets

What is a Power Tweet?

Sending Power Tweets

Sending Power Tweets Step 1

Click “Send Power Tweet” at the top of your Twylah Page. Or, get the bookmarklet from your “Resources” link.

Sending Power Tweets Step 2

Add your tweet and a link you’d like to share, then click the Send Button.

Sending Power Tweets Step 3

See your tweet on Twitter! Click on the twy.la link to view your custom landing page.

What Can I Power Tweet?

Members are Power Tweeting content from all these sites and more!

  • YouTubeYouTube
  • VimeoVimeo
  • ustreamUStream
  • livestreamLivestream
  • huluHulu
  • instagramInstagram
  • pinterestPinterest
  • flickrFlickr
  • google plusGoogle Plus
  • smugmugSmugMug
  • SoundCloudSoundCloud
  • SpotifySpotify
  • MixCloudMixCloud
  • GroovesharkGrooveshark
  • SlideShareSlideShare
  • PreziPrezi
  • GoPollGoGoPollGo
  • StorifyStorify
  • Adobe PDFAdobe PDF

Tweet from any Website

The Power Tweet bookmarklet makes it easy to Power Tweet while browsing any website. Once installed, the bookmarklet lets you grab images and text from any web page to send as a Power Tweet.

Get the Power Tweet bookmarklet by signing in and clicking the "Goodies" link in your navigation bar.