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“RT @MotherJones: Where the most children have been killed by guns in America lately? Southern states: ”

McDonald's Fined For Marketing To Children

McDonald's Fined For Marketing To Children

RT @HuffingtonPost: McDonald's fined for marketing to children

“RT @InjusticeFacts: A child working in a Thailand Disney factory would need to work for 55 days to afford a pass to Disney Land.”

“Agree with ---->@JillDaya: They ARE meditation! @meditationkids do you think #children can (and should) #meditate? Or are they too young?”

A photo from @Venice311

A photo from @Venice311

RT @TheLAScene: via @Venice311: Tobias Dustin Summers wanted for #Northridge child kidnapping. Call 911 if you see this creep.

“RT @KCPagano: Anyone know anything about homeschooling in France? It would seem all children are in school here even the itty bitties.”

“RT @blackgirlinmain: Only magical thing that happens after you graduate from college if you are a child of the working class, is that Sallie Mae owns you.”

“RT @CFB_law: @queen_elisheba yes. So true. Every single time I go to Mexico I am stunned by the children living in poverty.”

“My goal is to teach my children the same thing. Challenging to do when we're bombarded with superficiality. But possible.”

Your visions of the future

Your visions of the future

Intense @BBCWorld: "Our children being led and blinded by technology" - &

“Our children are so far from any path...they going in circles.”

“My children refuse to go to sleep. :(”

“RT @Bellabirth: We have put the welfare of our children into the hands of Nestle, Monsanto and Merck. This is about money people NOT healthier children.”

“RT @scATX: #Steubenville's Jane Doe has asked that ppl donate to a shelter for abused women & children in her county ”

“Here in LA, they keep the pedos/child abusers separate from general population, or they'd die.”

“I knew I didn't want children until after 30...because I was selfish in my 20's...and I wanted to party! I didn't start drinking until...”

“I was responsible, I knew how to respond to life. It is the greatest gift you can give to your child. To be limitless. No excuses.”

“RT @TheRealRoseanne: do not have sex during high school-you are not prepared to have a child! NO SEX NO DRUGS NO BOOZE til age 21. ur mom shld have told u this!”

Sofía Vergara Is Expanding The Family!

Sofía Vergara Is Expanding The Family!

Wow...good for her! @LatinoVoices: Sofia Vergara plans for second child, after over 20 years

“I had hoped to do a fast today from speaking, but it's difficult with children. But I must teach them this practice. It's important.”

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