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“All I know is next time there's an UC Davis-esque pepper spraying incident or OPD tear gasses a place filled w/ kids POTUS better on it.”

“Im not nearly as mad about twerking being hijacked as I am about Suburban kids who never even had their lunch money took saying "thug life".”

“I have a neighbor who yells at his kids in Xhosa. I swear it's the coolest thing I've ever heard.”

“My 17 year old niece is just now discovering that music exists beyond Lil Wayne, she says "Mos Def can rap." Kids...”

“RT @Halestormsports: Hey @twitter punctuation shouldn't count against your 140. Step your game up. Millions of kids will fail English class because of you.”

Unlocking the truth. These kids are AMAZ...

Unlocking the truth. These kids are AMAZ...

Video: Unlocking the truth. These kids are AMAZING!

“what about the kids whose parents aren't welfare recipients? Do their salaries get slashed 30% if their kid doesn't perform well in school.?”

“My local news has the audacity to keep running this story abt a San Bruno lady's stolen dog while there's 100s of missing kids in the bay.”

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