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The Jedi Hymnal (with tweets) · rmsylte

The Jedi Hymnal (with tweets) · rmsylte

The Jedi Hymnal #storify #jedihymns

“RT @crustyoldean: @ChurchSnobTEC Let All Padawans Keep Silent and In Fear an Trembling Stand #jedihymns

“RT @crustyoldean: @ChurchSnobTEC And I Will Raise Your x- wing up #jedihymns

“And Luke flies as Jedi - for his friends to save. #JediHymns

“Up from the swamp it arose, with a mighty triumph o'er it's foes! It arose an X-wing 'gainst the Dark Domain. #JediHymns

“Low in the swamp it lay, Luke's X-Wing fighter. Waiting the Force to raise, at Yoda's word. #JediHymns

“O Jedi, band together to battle for the right, Arise and with lightsabers, put Vader to flight. #JediHymns

“Sometimes I feel discouraged and think my work's in vain, but then the Jedi spirit revives my Force again... #JediHymns

“Softly and tenderly Yoda is calling... #JediHymns

“Come ye Jedi, raise the strain of triumphant gladness; Luke has flown his Starfighter straight into the madness. #JediHymns

“RT @SheepOfJesus: #jedihymns our deathstar is an awesome deathstar”

“Han Solo lay in Jabba's hands, in carbonite encas-ed. But now at Luke's right hand he stands... #JediHymns

“RT @revmamd: The body they may kill; this truth abideth still: that HAN SHOT FIRST FOREVER. #jedihymns

“RT @boonstran: In the bleak Hoth winter/frosty winds they howled/Han took Luke's lightsaber/tauntaun disemboweled #JediHymns

“Go to dark Empire Death Star, ye that feel Lord Vader's power. #JediHymns

“Tell how Luke, the Jedi Rebel, as a pilot won the day. #JediHymns

“Sing, Jedi, the glorious battle, sing the ending of the fray. (con't.) #JediHymns

“Tatooine, my happy home #JediHymns

“RT @seanhmorgan: #JediHymns

Jar-Jar, Jar-Jar we deplore thee”

“O Force that will not let me go #JediHymns

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