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“RT @AnuBhagwati: #MAKERSchat Also, after 10 years of war & almost 300,000 US women deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan, no discussion of military women's activism?!”

“RT @TheNousAge: Strange 2 think when I started in radio mid80s we weren't allowed to play 2 Female artists in a wasn't done. Crazy. #MAKERSchat

Yahoo Has Made a Terrible Mistake. Working From Home Is Great for Employees and Employers.

Yahoo Has Made a Terrible Mistake. Working From Home Is Great for Employees and Employers.

RT @HookTheTalent: Dumbfounded @marissamayer @Yahoo think feminism = militant #Makerschat & now no more #workfromhome #dumbfounded

“RT @NYWICI: These women know who they are and they are not about to march back. - Eleanor Holmes Norton #MAKERSChat #nywicichat”

“RT @herstorynerd: The movement isn't over. Rising feminists are here. It's time to bridge. #MAKERSchat

“One of my contributions to #MakersChat this evening? Blocking and reporting all the spammers. :)”

“RT @hruss03: #makerschat I love all of the brave women who are given voice here. And we are reminded of all our sisters who are not heard but carry on”

“RT @donnabrazile: Thank you #MAKERSchat for a wonderful documentary. Thank you for reminding us of the road traveled and the journey ahead. Are we there yet?”

“RT @shka_marie: it's like their goal right now is to make me sob. and get off my ass and do something. also that. both. #MAKERSchat

“RT @CrissieP: When the people have no historical context, they stay mired in the soup #KnowYourHistory #MAKERSchat

“RT @GirlsGlobe: @WuDunn now speaking about brutality against #women abroad. #makerschat #humanrights”

“RT @TektiteGroup: It is not too late, the Equal Rights Amendment can still be ratified & there is still a need for it #MAKERSchat

“RT @isalara: Any young women who rejects feminism & thinks we've already "made it," needs to read @rtraister's book about the 2008 campaign. #MAKERSChat

“Marissa Mayer, Michelle Rhee are women who have missed the point. Shameful. #MakersChat

“RT @FeministFriends: Some women's movements/feminists ARE focusing on economic issues. There aren't enough of them. #MAKERSchat

“RT @MonicaCMiller: When are men going to start being asked about life/work balance? #makerschat

“RT @theBaylorJ: Clarence Thomas, Ronald Reagan, Phyllis Schlafly, Dan Quayle. The Republican "War on Women" didn't start in 2012. #MakersChat #Makers”

“RT @matthewsmommy: RT @MAKERSwomen: "Women's rights are human rights, & human rights are women's rights, once and for all." Hillary Rodham Clinton. #MAKERSChat

“Is there a woman in this country who *hasn't* experienced some form of sexual harassment? Doubtful. #MakersChat

“RT @redfuzzycow: RT @TodaysMama: It just demonstrates how much we need women in Washington to speak for other women. #MAKERSChat

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