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“RT @ceburns2003: Mark Sanford voted against the #VAWA. Twice. Our country cannot afford this chauvinist in Congress. #StopSanford”

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Sign the petition: #NoDak Rep. @KevinCramer : Apologize for threatening acts of violence #vawa #women via @change

“Agreed, RT @jtatsuno: @AmbassadorRice #VAWA passed but what about the violence in the military against women? Something HAS TO BE DONE.”

“RT @agray1: Passing #VAWA seemed pretty obvious to me, but I'm glad politicians were able to figure out.”

“RT @ak2sandiego: Dear #Virgina your Rep Eric Cantor just isn't that in to you! At least not if you are a woman-he voted No again on #VAWA

“Thank you! RT @repwilson: Today, I proudly voted to strengthen protections for all victims of domestic violence & sexual assault. #VAWA...”

“RT @gemimms: @RepAnnWagner (R-MO) voted against the #VAWA. She needs to go in 2014 in order to protect all women.”

“RT @magicalearth: GOP women No on #VAWA Bachman-MN Black-TN Blackburn-TN Ellmers-NC Foxx-NC Hartlzer-MO Lummis-WY Roby-AL Wagner-MO”

“RT @sarah_verbofsky: #VAWA passes with #lgbt +Native American protections! Props to 87 #GOP reps who put women's lives over politics.”

“RT @cfreelakers24: Boehner gets paid 224k. It's his job 2 bring bills like #VAWA 2 the floor. He gets no happy meal from me for doing his...”

“RT @suelantto: A thank you to @RepJohnKline & @RepErikPaulsen, for voting for #VAWA. #Minnesota #GOP”

“RT @justinglawe: Dir of #MN #Indian Women's RC on #VAWA tribal provision-"No woman should be excluded from protection under federal law"”

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Cee Cee's Twitter Photo

RT @veronicapearman: If you want to remember who voted against #VAWA next time YOU vote. Here are 22 Republicans-->

“Mine, too. RT @lizaj: News flash, @DocHastings : my women friends in your district vote and have good memories. #VAWA

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Posted from Sharedby

Amazingly, NO! MT ‏@PPact 138 House members voted against comprehensive #VAWA today. Was your rep one of them?

“RT @marciarusso: California walk of shame. Reps that voted NO on #VAWA: Dana Rohrabacher, John Campbell, Tom McClintock, Doug LaMalfa”

“RT @repcohen: #VAWA has taken domestic abuse out of the shadows, protected millions of women & saved lives. Proud to cosponsor...”

“Thank you! RT @repmarktakano: Proud to support #VAWA today and am pleased see the provisions protecting #LGBT victims were not removed.”

“Thank you! RT @benniegthompson: Today, I supported the #VAWA which provides support and protection for victims of domestic violence.”

“RT @senatorleahy: #VAWA that cleared Congress today also incl. my #TVPA bill 2 renew & strengthen tools 2 counter human trafficking scourge”

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