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“iBas terus membantah, BeYe malah nantang Anas. iBas bilang sama bokapnya, 'You better know what you're doing you old fat fuck.'”

China parades condemned killers

China parades condemned killers

China parades condemned killers | I wish we could do this to Angelina Sondakh and Anas Urbaningrum. That'd be a sight

“The Anas interview on Metro TV: Convenient questions with convenient answers.”

“This whole Anas fiasco is getting ridiculous”

“...against spiritual wickedness in high places. Yeah. Looking at you Anas.”

“'Ada yang berpikir ini adalah akhir dari segalanya.' Hubris Anas. Hubris. Better men than you succumbed to its allure. They all burned.”

“Konsekuensi. Konsekuensi. Enjoy the consequences of your actions Anas :))”

“So. Who wrote the key messages for Anas? Hmmm? Come on PR firm. What confidential client? Y'all embarrassed taking his money?”

Anas is talking about tuduhan tidak berdasar. I wonder who his PR firm is now? Well hell someone's getting paid a lot of dough.”

“I like it that @anasurbaningrum wanted to be hung in public. I look forward to the day you dance the jig on the gallows Anas.”

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