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“#KudetaHore lives on! RT @tmcpoldametro: 13.17 Sekitar 60 orang berunjukrasa di Bundaran HI, lalu lintas tersendat”

“Okay, yes, he's kinda old to be cougar bait. But, is @newsplatter! For #KudetaHore. For RAKYAT! Any bids?”

“Great news cougars! @newsplatter has officially supported #KudetaHore and is available for auction. Long and short time services available!”

“Okay cougars. To help fund #KudetaHore, we're auctioning off our younger participants. Get'em while they're hot!”

MKRI Bagikan Sembako, Bukan Kudeta | nasional | Tempo.co

MKRI Bagikan Sembako, Bukan Kudeta | nasional | Tempo.co

#KudetaHore RT @temponewsroom: MKRI Bagikan Sembako, Bukan Kudeta

“Guys, guys. Just so there are no misunderstandings, we have NOTHING to do with the coup in the CAR. Those guys are nuts. #KudetaHore

“Bentar. #KudetaHore mau ngerokok dulu. Belom sempet ini dari tadi. Bekerja keras demi RAKYAT!”

“#KudetaHore RT @ifahmi: Lagu nasional tidak pernah membosankan. Yang membosankan itu scheduled tweets-nya musician united si demit.”

“UPDATE: Troops are leaving. They are bored and unpaid. We'll be replacing tanks with Kijang Kotaks. Branding still on. #KudetaHore

“Got word that SBY panicked when he found out about us. GREAT! Wait...why? I'm not even impressed with us..wait...RAKYAT! #KudetaHore

“We're sponsored by a Balinese beach club? HOW COME I WAS NEVER INVITED TO MEETINGS? #KudetaHore

“By the way, rakyats, if you want to support us, monetary contributions are always welcome. Or massage parlor vouchers. #KudetaHore

“Some of our troops decided to wait in surrounding malls. You know. To..get to know rakyat better. We're canvassing support! #KudetaHore

“#KudetaHore! RAKYAT! RT @hester_mofet: @ruliharahap nekkid picies for rakyat: kenapa tidak? #KudetaRealAva”

“Just got word that #KudetaHore might still be on. Funding from our Saudi friends. But they told us that BK is haram. Crap.”

“Cops are now moving in. Oh they want some food too. Wait, are cops Rakyat? #KudetaHore

“Wait..we have whoppers? How come I'm eating this nasi kotak shit then? #KudetaHore

“Okay. We have some rice. And...tempe. I think. And teri. NO, WE DO NOT HAVE WHOPPERS! This is #KudetaHore. NOT BK! RAKYAT!”

“Guys, since #KudetaHore isn't happening today, we're distributing what food we have FOR RAKYAT! See? We're for rakyat! Right? Right?”

“Wait...will nekkid piccies sway more rakyats to support #KudetaHore? We can get Ibas to pose for you once we've captured him.”

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